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Implications of Facebook Timeline for small businesses

Facebook Timeline is going to become mandatory for everyone, all companies included, post March 30, 2012. There are several key changes, but some of them are absolutely crucial from branding and marketing perspective so that they should be carefully considered. This is necessary for a brand – irrespective of size, scale and domain – to fine tune its marketing strategy and align it with the new features. Continue reading

Ideas to use timeline features for professional gains

As has already been reported, Facebook is gradually taking the Timeline to all its users. The new enhanced Timeline profile format also makes the popular social networking channel much more job-search friendly. It’s a resume, after all, when you pause and carefully look at it. From the cover image right at the top to the subsequent chronological organization, your Facebook profile effectively is a professional image booster, making it extremely relevant from your career point of view. So what does this really mean for prospective job seekers? Let us try to find out! Continue reading

Google makes search more social and more personal.

For Google, the bet lies on ‘personal’ aspect of search. The company now claims to explore your very own world, and the roll out the customized results. It will throw up only those results from billions of Web pages that are highly relevant to a specific user based on the material you and your Web-based connections share. Continue reading