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A major algorithmic modification from Google stirs the search realm

It was on April 11th that Google brought into effect the updates to its search engine (English-language) with the aim to reward quality content instead of ‘unethical’ SEO (search engine optimization) tricks. Key terms form part of the metric most top search engines, comprising Google, employ to decide which websites are most pertinent to the users’ search activity. Continue reading

Google’s ‘Panda’ undergoes modification, invites site owners’ ire

The new updates that Google has just effected in Panda, its page-rank algorithm system, might pose some threat to paywalls, recent research reports suggest. After the search engine update implemented by the search engine giant, a number of well known and well-established technology sites and paywalls have suffered a sudden setback to their online visibility as their webpages have significantly dropped in the relevant search results. Continue reading