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A personal rapport than a product-centric strategy works for Google

An interesting development at the beginning of the year bring out how emotional connect has become as important as interweaving ads, marketing strategy and content in the search and social realm. The idea seems not only to maximize revenue generating opportunities but also to make the products appear as an integral part of everyday life for people. With this in mind, Google has gradually made a shift in strategy. Continue reading

Search giant fights charges of favoritism and breach of privacy

Google’s popularity revolves around its ability to let surfers find the right webpages. With the advent of social web, wherein users can check vast amounts of data largely off-limits to the former, its dominance has come into question. In its desperate bid to catch up to Facebook, the company is trying to amalgamate the best facets of both search and social. Continue reading

Pros and cons of the ‘Search plus Your World’ service

Google’s new weapon in its tussle with Facebook for dominance of the Web has drawn circumspect reactions. It’s step to include more of users’ personal information in their search results has wider connotations, experts point out. There are valid reasons to believe so. We give you a quick grasp its background and ramifications: Continue reading

Google makes search more social and more personal.

For Google, the bet lies on ‘personal’ aspect of search. The company now claims to explore your very own world, and the roll out the customized results. It will throw up only those results from billions of Web pages that are highly relevant to a specific user based on the material you and your Web-based connections share. Continue reading