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A meta-search engine for theme specific activities and unique travel ideas

There is always no better time than NOW to opt for a much-deserved break. When thinking of a travel plan, many people are keen to opt for something unconventional. Obviously, not every one of us seek serene sightseeing, and instead prefer an odd adventure for shaking off the lethargy. For such people, adrenaline sports are among the most thrilling options. But where to search for them? Continue reading

Google’s foray in travel upsets industry players

Once content with merely delivering most comprehensive answers to search queries from users, the 13-year-old search giant is increasingly trying to spread its dominance across an array of domains and markets, offering online music, local coupons, mobile phones etc. It is not at all surprising that Google’s recent foray into the domain of online travel has shaken the other industry players, another case of the search giant extending its huge market power into diverse aspects of socio-economic life. Continue reading