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Search algorithms of Google tweaked to tackle Copyright Infringement

Google has stated it would be altering its search algorithms so as to favor sites, which offer ‘legitimate copyrighted’ music, television, movie and other content. It added that next week onwards this change would account for the number of copyright removal notices (which are valid) sites had got. Those with such multiple regarding copyright infringement might be pushed lower in its search results. Continue reading

Video hosting and sharing sites jostle to attract advertisers

Niche content is finding acceptance and appreciation on the long tail of the Internet, especially the user-driven social sites. Google’s popular video-sharing site is going ahead with its plan announced late last year to spend about $100 million. Keen to back up video programming, the company is funding aspiring filmmakers, writers, artists, and proven online hit makers with grants in the range of few hundred thousand to a million dollars and more. Continue reading

Will new mix of content add to YouTube revenue?

For YouTube, the clicks’ game and popularity stakes are based on audiences’ willingness to subscribe to the channels in large enough numbers to prompt advertisers to shell out higher rates. Google, alongside Yahoo, AOL, Hulu and Microsoft is all set to showcase these channels to top advertisers in New York at the Digital Content NewFronts in May. Continue reading