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Reddit Replaces Imgur with One of its Own Image Uploading Solution


Reddit is parting ways with Imgur – the microblogging site’s image uploading tool, and instead introducing its own image uploading solution for the platform. Initially, Reddit was making the new image uploading tool available only to select communities/sub-redditors.

“Today, we are partnering with mods to launch native image hosting in beta to 16 default communities across Reddit, followed by 50 more next week. In this iteration, native image hosting will support single image and gif uploads”

Reddit’s new image uploading solution is a bit less efficient than Imgur. It allows users to upload high resolution images of up to 20 MB and supports GIF images of up to 100 MB resolution. In comparison, while Imgur allowed users to upload images of the same size, it also allowed uploading GIFs images with higher resolution – up to 200 MB.

It’s quality, not quantity that matters for redditors. As Reddit’s product team member claims, Reddit owned image uploading tool offers users a more seamless navigation experience than third party image hosting services.

Despite that, redditors would still be able to upload snaps to Imgur or through any other source. However, Reddit’s own tool will be now be the default image uploading service on the platform. This may divert users who happen to use the third party services, but its still a win-win situation for Reddit as it doesn’t have to share revenue with Imgur anymore.

At present, Redditors can make use of the image uploading tool through following sub-reddits:

  • GetMotivated
  • EarthPorn
  • Gaming
  • Space
  • OldSchoolCool
  • Sports
  • Art
  • Aww
  • Dataisbeautiful
  • Food
  • Funny
  • Gifs
  • Mildlyinteresting
  • Movies
  • Photoshopbattles
  • pics

Also, it’s important to know that in upcoming weeks there will be an addition of 50 more sub-reddits supporting the tool.



Google is reportedly introducing ads for the first time ever in it’s image SERP ecosystem. The search giant is launching its shopping ads on images in mobile. So the next time you do a Google image search for a particular product, you’ll start seeing a line of sponsored items next to the product on display. However, the update is rolling out slowly, starting with shopping ads which will take its own time to be rolled out completely.

According to media reports, Google Ads will occupy an entire line of screen space, taking a large share of screen space in image search results. As per Google, the reason why ad units find a place in Google’s image searches is the fact that most online shoppers prefer to do an image search on Google before actually purchasing a product online.

Also, most online shoppers are more or less faced with a similar set of queries pertaining to the purchase of a product like how much is the cost of the product and where they can purchase it. Online shoppers can expect most of their queries to be answered through Google’s new look of image search results, which will now include ad units displaying information regarding the product such as product pricing and the location where one can possibly purchase the advertised product.

Google’s new image search results containing ad units are now being officially rolled out to worldwide users. The Google Display network displaying images will display your PLAs in image searches, if you opted to become search partners as a part of your AdWords campaign.