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Tools to keep count of your social influence

Keeping in with the growing dominance of social media, many allied services and utilities have fast emerged on the scene, all claiming to accurately score social influence of a brand or an individual professional on basis of their following, reach and activity. These avenues not just consider the total number of friends/ followers, but also evaluate the influence index in qualitative terms – to assign specific score. They are constantly refining methodology to sift through a vast pool of information and incorporate both generic and niche social networks in the process. Continue reading

Watch out for your social score

Several leading companies in the domain of social scoring are further refining their processes, using more nuanced methods to sift through vast data and evaluating as many social networks.  Klout has already announced its decision to incorporate LinkedIn profiles for the same. PeerIndex states that it is at the start of this long journey and expects it to reach more nuance and granularity during the journey. Continue reading