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8 less tangible albeit key metrics to qualify a link prospect

There are certain less tangible hints, which an epic link builder should learn to draw on. We shall consider some of them aspects, which can tell you a lot about the website, its quality and the extent of its SEO friendliness as well as its willingness to link up. There are aspects, such as domain and URL structure, knowing if the website is canonicalized, and frequency of content updates, among others, to look out for. Continue reading

What are the key link building metrics?

If an SEO Consultant looking to do link building, he or she is often evaluating the architecture and delving into site metrics. Link builders should be on lookout for cues, which make a site probably a good potential partner. Generally, they consider metrics like a SEO, but also some less tangible cues such as engagement or trustworthiness. What are the right strategies or steps to follow to qualify a potential link partner? Continue reading