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Ideas for affiliate promotion, marketing and traffic generation

Affiliate marketing is a mutually beneficial partnership struck between the affiliates promoting the programs and the merchants who own them. It’s a competitive business so you cannot afford to be complacent. Remember, it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ formula but more of a slow and steady mode of operation. Continue reading

Stay tuned to the rapidly changing dynamics of marketing

It goes without saying that the World Wide Web has emerged as the prime purchase path for a growing number of consumers. For a small business owner, operating in the online space, it is extremely important to keep pace with the latest developments and trends. Continue reading

What are the roles that affiliates and merchants play in a network?

Any popular network has thousands of merchants all plugged in to it. They have varied types of product categories cutting across domain they are selling, each willing to offer commission on that sale, if and when you fetch a customer. Continue reading