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Co-creation of content as powerful marketing means

Dealing with content conundrum is getting trickier, as businesses are trying to reach maximum possible audience base to enhance conversions.  In their quest to bombard to consumers – both prospective and existing – some brands run the risk of diluting their message; need of the hour is clearly to produce quality content and focus more on targeted message instead of putting too much emphasis on the amount of content produced that can have a counterproductive effect and end up distracting many consumers. Continue reading

3 core aspects of your content marketing plan

Confused consumers are not finding it easy to cope up with the wave of content flooded by brands, keen to market their products and services through as many mediums and format as possible – websites, blogs, online magazines, Twitter campaigns, Facebook profile pages, YouTube channels etc.  The question to be asked is: Are brand managers over-estimating the extent to which consumers can digest content? Continue reading

Pitfalls of neglecting social media in terms of brand building

An in-depth and accurate knowledge of your prospects’ mindset does help, when it comes to building great products, and give good services. If a mismatch exists between their aspirations and your offerings, a business is most likely to suffer. Social media plays a key role in bridging the gap, allowing you to exactly deliver what your customers want, putting your business on a solid ground.  Continue reading