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Weigh risks and benefits of your employees’ social media usage

Whether social networking can indeed reduce or increase productivity, it all really boils down to each individual’s mindset and the overall work environment. There are benefits at the business level if someone, through his or her social network, manages to resolve a pressing issue much quicker than he or she would have done otherwise, just as there will be few others who spend a large chunk of time on the social networks planning their next holiday. Continue reading

Develop a contingency plan to handle adverse user comments

After Facebook unveiled a new advertising system, individual Pages emerged as major customer interaction hubs for an array of brands irrespective of size or domain. Simultaneously, the complex logistics of managing a vast amount of fan conversation had to be developed as well, especially when things go wrong. a business needs to have in place a comprehensive strategy to manage such situations more tactful. Continue reading

Why you cannot demarcate your online reputation and your offline image?

Most hiring managers not just in the US but in other western and European countries search for candidates online, and nearly three fourth of them would reject or accept a candidate depending on what they come across in the respective search results, according to a past study courtesy Microsoft. Continue reading