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Key elements to consider while devising a mobile site

There are several areas that need to be considered when devising a website for wireless devices, keeping in mind specific requirements and mindset of users on the go. Layout, content format, coding, images and optimization are a few basic, albeit vital things that come into play. Here is a quick look at some of the aspects you should take into account before proceeding to create your own mobile site: Continue reading

Basic elements of conversion optimization

Many e-commerce sites with a good business model have failed to click. The reason: Though they invested heavily in flashy designs, they simply overlooked the fact that they also needed to ‘sell’. Though the initial target of driving traffic to the site was achieved, the business sites faltered at the next hurdle – that of conversion. Continue reading

9 ideas to optimize your content for search engines

Engaging the audience and holding its attention matters quite a lot to make your business blog successful. Remember, quality content sans online visibility and lack of focused readership is going to be of little use. In this context, optimization plays an important role in planning and conceptualizing a blog. Continue reading