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The two main objectives of every online business are getting the best possible conversion rate and the highest rank in each and every search engine result page (SERP). Both the objectives go hand in hand as higher ranking will bring more traffic, which eventually leads to more sales!

The concept is really simple, but the execution is way too complex. It’s not the old era anymore where the unsophisticated SEO practices were enough to escalate your ranking in SERP.  At present Creating SEO strategy which is in align with the Google algorithms and employing inbound marketing both are vital for success.

In order to turn your dreams of getting top spot in SERP and high conversion rate into a reality, you need to employ the following tips to the fullest:

1. Blog on a Regular Basis

Blog provides you with benefits beyond expectations. It is one of the best inbound marketing strategies you can employ for your website. Starting a blog will not only maximize inbound marketing but will also boost your SEO ranking. A blog offers the highest Return On Investment (ROI) then compared to any other marketing techniques.  Blog insanely escalates your ranking in SERP and companies who blog regularly have experienced an increase in customer procurement.


So maintaining a blog must be an indispensable piece of your marketing and SEO strategy. Blogs help in driving the “Right” kind of customers to your site. Since your blog will be always around your niche, so it assures that the quality of the user. Blogs do an awesome job in attracting the attention of qualified prospects by providing them with the information they are searching for. And when you guide customer from the very start of the buying funnel, you actually win their trust and look authoritative, which is crucial for sales.

2. Use Images and Logos to Your Advantage

Studies have proven that there’s a strong connection between measurable brand symbolism and sales. This is why you should give utmost attention on your company’s logo. A logo must clearly illustrate the core idea and vision of your company. One can grasp the main business objective and niche of your company by just looking at the logo. The logo is going to be displayed everywhere, from product packaging to your visiting cards, advertisements and in your office. So it becomes crucial that your logo must be simple yet hard hitting and catchy so that it can get hammered in people’s mind instantly.

Apart from the logo, an image also a plays a major role. Studies have proven that a blog, advertisement or any page of the website with an enticing image gets 300% more engagement rate than that compared to simple texts. It’s important to choose the right image with the right copy that is in aligning with the overall theme of your advertising campaign. The perfect blend of both massively increases the success ratio of marketing campaigns. It also helps in attracting users to your site, and the chances are, they will remember it for a really long time. Benefit? The customer will stick around enough to make a purchase. Additionally, the caption and copy of every image will help you in SEO as well.

3. Widgets Can Boost Sales

You may know that “90% Of Customers Say Buying Decisions Are Influenced By Online Reviews“.

So if you have received many positive reviews, then why not display it along with your content. There are many widgets out there that let you display the positive reviews of the customer in front of your website visitor. By doing so, you are providing customers an easy access to the reviews, since they don’t have to click testimonial page in particular.

One of them is our review widget which will give you a chance to get more positive reviews on Google and Yelp for your business. This will help not only your Local SEO efforts but also attract new business. The best part is, you can filter negative reviews from the back end. So if someone leaves a positive review, you request them to post the review on Google or Yelp. If the review is negative, we don’t ask them to post the review to third party sites and handle the customer in a way that it does not become a bigger issue.


Good product or services, great images with good titles and captions, regular blogging, review widget, user-friendly website and an excellent SEO strategy will turn your dream into a reality.

In case you’re facing difficulty in employing some techniques, or need help with SEO, we will be more than happy to assist you. You can also request a FREE SEO Audit of your website to check where your website stands. Just write to us at sales@ebrandz.com or simply call on the Toll-Free number 1-888-545-0616 and let our professionals help you.



As this year is nearing for a virtual closure, Local Businesses can sit down to analyze their website’s overall performance and some few brownie points from the year so far. Local SEO’s can even compare their tally with The Local Search Ranking Factor Report of the year. If that’s not enough, you can even match it with the online surveys of 40 leading local SEO practitioners.

Several Local businesses are still trying to come out of the Google’s local snack pack shake up, which, in fact, forced some of them to virtually close down.

Below is the summary of some of the major SEO happenings along with the ranking parameters and algorithm updates that affected several businesses at a local and national level.

This has been a very happening year so far, which saw Google rolling out as many as four major algorithm updates accompanied by some minor and refreshing updates in the chronological order as below.

  • Panda 4.2 (#28) — July 17, 2015
  • The Quality Update — May 3, 2015
  • Mobile Update AKA “Mobilegeddon” — April 22, 2015
  • Unnamed Update — February 4, 2015


Coming back to the local search ranking factor report, the high-ranking factors were the On-Page Signals which made way for the Link Signals to My Business Signals to External signals, Behavior signals (like clicks, calls and opens) etc. These factors indicate that the major emphasis was more on improving the overall quality of your user’s onsite experience both in terms of content and user experience, which is all you need at any level.

As a business owner, if you have any questions with regards to your online presence, get in touch with us via call at 888-545-0616 (Toll Free) or email sales@ebrandz.com.



Welcome to the monogamous virtual world of search engine created by Google (with respect to Microsoft, Bing and of course Facebook). In this world, Google is the major authority that will dictate its terms on its users. Those who adhere to the norms will survive (with better ranking) and those who don’t will perish (poor ranking). Changes are inevitable in this world and only those, who constantly pass this survival test, will rank higher and ahead of their competitors.

Google will constantly test your patience with several major and minor algorithm updates. From Panda to Pigeon to Penguin to the latest Mobilegeddon updates will test the overall quality of your website and if you still remain unscathed then your online visitor will become the ranking factor.

You will be constantly be deemed by Google on the basis of the impression that you just left on your click through user. From the desktop crawls to the laptops comfort and now to the smart mobile searches, your online visitor will test your rank worthiness, too. From the overall look and feel of your web pages (technical aspect) to the richness of your content in terms of user engagement (content and user experience), will majorly form the basis of your Google ranking.

Listed below are three point Google ranking factors that will be touched upon in this rather brief discussion.

1) Technical Aspect Of Ranking

How technically competent your website is, still forms one of the major ranking factor on Google. With each passing year, there is an increase in the search volumes of the domain names. Popular brands often rank higher on the basis of their visibility factor, brand searches, with or without extra keywords also influence the non-branded searches.

In addition to that, your domain’s SEO visibility, H1 and H2 tags, the meta description, a smart URL, which is worth thousands of keywords, website’s navigation speed and to some extent HTTPS encryption are some of the positive factors that should be considered.

Otherwise, Keyword domains used to influence the ranking as such but not so much as of now. If previous year’s stats are to be believed, under 10% of the URL’s in the top 30 included a keyword in their domain, which got down to 6% this year. Also, Flash enabled web pages was significantly lower on both mobile and desktop SERPs.

2) User Experience Is Crucial Too

The user experience is one factor that aids in the automatic surge in your online ranking. The better the user experience, the better your ranking. The click through rate, bounce rate and the time spent on a particular site are some of the most important factors that determine your ranking. For that to happen, the internal link structure of your website becomes crucial to your chances further. This year, so far there are 150 internal links within the top 10 rankings as compared to 131 last year. The same goes for optimization as well, factors such as responsive design, font size and interactive elements. Bulleted lists also influence the ranking as they feature in the second ranked sites and 40 in the top 30.

Moreover, the number of images helps the rankings whereas in the previous year, stats showed the number of video embedded sites experiencing a drop in the rankings.  Google only plays video thumbnail in SERP’s with the dominance of YouTube making things only worse. According to some surveys, a large number of Ads hurt the rankings in comparison to the pages other than first two SERP spots recorded the AdSense percentage of more than 10.

3) And Content Is The King

Content is not only the king but the entire kingdom. As far as your online presence is concerned, it becomes far more important in terms of user engagement. The study of the content of top 30 ranked sites shows the word count for top 10 pages averages around 1,285, 25% higher the previous year.

According to some popular surveys, keywords have become less influential in the context of content. The survey findings confirmed the drop in the ranking towards the topmost position with the percentage of pages that have keyword to rank as an external link’s anchor as such. But keywords do play a crucial role in the internal links structure of your website.

The comprehensive study can be found here.

In conclusion, it’s all about the survival of the fittest in this virtual monogamous world of Google and if your online presence covers the above three point ranking factors then all is well. If not, you can get in touch with us at sales@ebrandz.com or Call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll Free). And, do not forget to ask for a FREE SEO Analysis of your website.


Keyword Drop

In this virtual monogamous world created by Google (with respect to Microsoft, Bing, Yahoo Search, Twitter and of course Facebook), fluctuation or a drop in your website’s organic search ranking is a part and parcel that comes with the instructions of maintaining superiority over your competitors. A drop in keyword rankings has many virtual reasons behind it. So if you are currently experiencing a virtual dropout in rankings, listed below are some of the reasons that potentially might be the cause.

  • Switching the landing page URL

Switching to a new URL doesn’t affect your homepage’s keyword rankings as such.  However, if you have changed a landing page URL that used to rank earlier, it will affect rankings. The solution to this is to implement a permanent (301) redirect from the old URL to the new one.

However, make a note that redirecting doesn’t help in retaining or shifting the social data from one page to another. You will need to get social votes for the new URL from scratch. So if social votes are important to you, then you might need to consider your previously attracting landing page URL.

  • Switching keyword optimization for landing pages

Removing specific target keywords from your landing pages can hurt you big time especially if that data previously attracted you organic traffic. Moreover, changing the page’s SEO title, image or text containing these target keywords may hurt your page’s keyword optimization and which in turn can negatively impact your search rankings. If that’s the case then you seriously need to reconsider your SEO strategy to get ahead.

  • You must have lost some good backlinks

There can be a lot of reasons you must have lost backlinks; website linking to you is down, gets penalized, removed its outgoing links, redirects its page are some of the prominent causes. But losing some of your popular links to your website can seriously hamper your search results. That’s the reason enough for you to build some quality links and keep them updated on a regular basis. Consider a tool such as ahrefs to monitor lost backlinks.

  • Google’s algorithm update had an impact

Google claims to change its search algorithm around 500 – 600 times in a year. While most of them are minor changes, Google rolls out a major one (such as the Penguin or Panda) that significantly changes the search results. In case, if you haven’t updated your website accordingly, it can harm your search rankings big time.

After knowing about the algorithm change that affected your website, you need to resolve the issue at hand. For instance:

o   If the drop in your search ranking is due to the Panda update, you’ll have to pivot upon creating great web content.

o   In case the drop in your search ranking is due to the Penguin update, you’ll have to pivot on removing / disavowing existing un-natural backlinks and creating great contextual links.

o   If the drop in your search ranking is due to the Mobilegeddon effect, you need to make sure to comply with Google’s mobile friendly norms i.e. create a Google Mobile Friendly website.

The above-mentioned points cover the general area to look into after a major update. But there is more to these updates as some are industry specific and some due to breaking certain webmaster policy norms which is why Google penalized you. In such cases, you would need a professional to look into. Making innocent changes by in-house SEOs or amateurs to the website without knowing the cause can do more harm than good.

  • Overhauled by your competitors

Your search ranking dip can also be due to the fact that your competitor simply overhauled you in terms of the SEO which means that you need to revamp your present SEO strategy to get ahead. If you notice this, do some analysis of your competitors as to how they are ranked ahead of you. First, check the content on your competitor’s website. You should be able to match with that. Secondly, look at improving your site’s on page optimization structure. Finally, you need to check your competitor’s recent backlinks. If there are any possible link building opportunities, capture them.

In conclusion

As you see, there are many potential reasons for the drop in your keyword rankings. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. So, if you still haven’t figured out reason behind the recent dropout in your search rankings OR want to make sure you’re not going to be a likely victim, we can help. Request a FREE SEO Analysis for your website now. Alternatively, you can call 888-545-0616 (Toll-Free) OR email sales@ebrandz.com for assistance.


We are pleased to announce that our SERP Tracking App within our AgencyPlatform Dashboard will now also be able to track Google Mobile Rankings.

In addition to the search positions, the dashboard also shows if the ranked URL is mobile friendly or not. Since Google prefers mobile friendly websites in mobile search, this feature allows the site owner to make modifications to their site so that Google recognizes it as mobile-friendly. Apart from this, the dashboard also captures a screenshot of the website ranking in Google mobile SERP as a trust factor. The new Ranking Dashboard will look as follows.

Google Mobile Rankings

Another excellent feature we’ve added is “Tracking of Non-Client Website URLs”. So, for example, if you have created a Yelp listing for a business and it ranks instead of the website, we can track that. NO OTHER RANKING SOFTWARE HAS THIS FEATURE.

Below are the sources we track:

Mobile Rankings Sources

We have been providing help in making Google Mobile friendly websites for more than two years now. And, 100 percent of the websites developed by eBrandz are recognized by Google as “Mobile Friendly”.

Listed below are some of the Google Mobile friendly website features.

  • Fully responsive website recognized by Google as Mobile friendly
  • Click to Call, Click to Email and Click to Text features
  • Advanced Mobile Lead tracking and Analytics

If you need any help in developing Mobile-friendly websites, please get in touch with us.