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An assured way to better engage Google users with your site content

When users visit Google, they generally have an idea of exactly what they are looking for unless of course, they are conducting a random search without any specific keywords in mind. However, they still need some help to decide which result might include the information, even random in nature, which will best meet their needs. So Google always looks to devise ways and means of highlighting the content on a given page in a useful and concise manner to users. And this is where rich snippets come into play. Continue reading

Key things to remember while using Rich Snippets for higher click-through rates

From a search engine user’s perspective, rich snippets are very important since they help them decide more quickly and more efficiently if a particular page indeed contains the information that they are interested in. They are so designed as to give online users a good sense of what’s there on the page in SERPs and how it’s relevant to the respective query. This is indeed very critical for your prospects to find the site pages right there in top relevant results. Continue reading

Relevance of Rich Snippets for enhanced conversions

Rich Snippets provide summarized information at a glance about specific searches. They draw the attention of users to relevant site pages by offering instant and concise details in result pages. In spite of their small stature or scale, they can be very handy to website publishers and webmasters. Including them within the source code lets Google make more sense of the webpages. Sites using this form of labeling system for their structured content will obviously enjoy greater visibility in SERPs. Continue reading

Why rich snippets are must for every website?

Let’s face the facts: Being ranked high in search engine results pages (SERPs) is nice but more often than not are no longer enough to ensure a successful online marketing effort. RICH SNIPPETS is a design which provides the searcher with more useful and informative search results. Rich snippets are part of increasingly enhanced SERPs designed to help users make decisions before they click. Continue reading