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A new intelligent search model to grasp real-world entities and their connotations

Even as Microsoft  is trying to become ‘more social’ with Bing by opting for integration with all your Facebook friends, you cannot expect Google to remain behind in this quest to ‘socialize’. Its search engine is getting sharper and smarter. The company has just introduced a dynamic new feature known as ‘Knowledge Graph’. Continue reading

Search giant fights charges of favoritism and breach of privacy

Google’s popularity revolves around its ability to let surfers find the right webpages. With the advent of social web, wherein users can check vast amounts of data largely off-limits to the former, its dominance has come into question. In its desperate bid to catch up to Facebook, the company is trying to amalgamate the best facets of both search and social. Continue reading

How does Google deal with ‘official’ content removal requests?

Google has complied with roughly two-thirds of the total requests to remove ‘undesired’ content that were made by the government authorities worldwide. Most technology and communications platforms get such requests from across the world to take out content from their services and also hand over user data. The relevant data tool of Google reveals the nature and number of requests it receives from different governments in a six-month reporting period. Continue reading

New Niche Search Engine Widget

A new niche search engine service that claims to assist PPC campaign users locate relevant data quicker and simpler has just been launched. We are referring to NowRelevant.com that will monitor for you as many possible sources and feeds, to offer the most updated information on a topic. Continue reading