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Relevance of backlinks data and quality maintenance

Carrying out a comprehensive backlinks audit is important since it provides a thorough understanding of a site’s link profile as well as the historical backlinks’ quality quotient. The exercise helps know the scope of losing out on link equity in the near future and of monitoring any such link equity loss on a regular basis. This makes it possible to modify link strategy, if and when necessary, in order to ensure ranking improvements, traffic growth and ultimately better conversions. Continue reading

Why does it make sense to combine PPC and SEO strategies?

Many site owners tend to treat SEO and PPC strategies separately. Yes, they are different and distinct in many ways, but it can still be a good idea to think both as two sides of the same coin. I shall be discussing the various ways which make PPC and SEO better when the two are used together. Continue reading

9 ideas to optimize your content for search engines

Engaging the audience and holding its attention matters quite a lot to make your business blog successful. Remember, quality content sans online visibility and lack of focused readership is going to be of little use. In this context, optimization plays an important role in planning and conceptualizing a blog. Continue reading

Basic aspects to consider for successful website optimization

Poor SEO will affect your business site’s visibility and credibility, ultimately denting your profit margins. This is something that you cannot afford in the longer run. So you must pay utmost attention to all aspects that determine the online accessibility of your E-commerce platform that hosts the relevant products and services. Continue reading

Keys to creating search engine friendly text

Search engines aim to provide their users with quality material that is informative and dynamic in nature. Meticulous research for identifying authentic information sources is involved in the whole process. From this point of view, a good copy will benefit your website rankings. You should keep in mind certain basic things to enhance the site visibility online. Continue reading