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Learn to leverage the combined power of PPC and SEO

Initial research is vital to both PPC and SEO! The process of finding bargain keywords to increase your customer acquisition can be initiated in conjunction with SEO to achieve the desired results faster. Blending of both can transform a business site into a potentially visible and prominent one on SERPs, driving more traffic and consequentially higher sales within a short span of time.  At the core of it lies a sustained flow of quality leads. Continue reading

What holds the key to ensure sustainability of your online business?

In today’s extremely challenging and tough business environment, website Conversion Optimization is an area that you cannot simply ignore if you want your site to stay ahead of that of your competitors in terms of visibility and profitability. Indeed, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has emerged as a crucial factor when it comes to ensuring sustainability of your online business. Continue reading

Three mistakes to avoid during conversion optimization

A webpage can be optimized by merely writing a catchy headline and presenting the features in a more user-friendly manner. Unfortunately, many inexperienced Web marketers continue to shoot in the dark sans any concrete plan on website optimization. Let me now point out some common mistakes that should be avoided during the process. Continue reading

Six ideas to improve the conversion of your website

Let us try to follow what conversion exactly means. As a majority of you might well be aware, it’s basically a process of achieving the primary goal of a specific page or site like selling products, filling up a lead form, or even making visitors read blogs. The objectives can be met successfully by enhancing the conversion rate. However, this is easier said than done. Continue reading