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Why an online makeover is now essential?

The Internet is akin to a permanent storehouse of our past and present interactions. It won’t forget anything posted about you in a hurry. So it is absolutely vital to refurbish your professional reputation by constantly publishing positive information about your business. To put the best foot forward, create an identity you want others to view favorably. Link anything positive you publish to your business site so that opinion makers, bloggers, and influencers can take a cut and take it forward. Continue reading

Brands look for expert help to manage their social media presence

In their keenness to leverage the power of Internet, many corporate entities are experiencing an undesirable side effect – an apparent inability to track all the ephemeral ideas, thoughts and messages that they are dispatching into the vast cyberspace where a minor negative ripple can turn into a tumultuous tornado, tarnishing the online reputation of a brand before the managers and owners could realize it. The experience can indeed get scary and nerve-wracking. Continue reading