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Tips to build a thorough semantic keyword cloud

Making use of social media monitoring tools so as to track the mentions of your business or brand is a common albeit effective way of staying ahead of the immediate competition and building a meaningful conversation flow. Using the same kind of tools for your semantic keyword research can be just as effective when it comes to building a cloud of key terms around a particular user need or sentiment. Continue reading

Brands look for expert help to manage their social media presence

In their keenness to leverage the power of Internet, many corporate entities are experiencing an undesirable side effect – an apparent inability to track all the ephemeral ideas, thoughts and messages that they are dispatching into the vast cyberspace where a minor negative ripple can turn into a tumultuous tornado, tarnishing the online reputation of a brand before the managers and owners could realize it. The experience can indeed get scary and nerve-wracking. Continue reading

More services for social media monitoring, analytics and sentiment analysis

Social media marketing can definitely be far more efficient, easier and equally effective if tech-savvy marketers show the discretion in choosing right set of feature-rich and business friendly tools. These are extremely helpful when it comes to precise monitoring and analysis of different customer-driven online channels. Continue reading