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Tweets in the ‘official’ blacklist set to be selectively banished

Twitter is giving itself the prerogative of withholding content in certain countries, even while keeping the same content available for other parts of the world as it may deem fit. The only way for it until now to censor was universally eliminating the material from the platform. The new change means text thought to be inappropriate by a national government can be withheld selectively in that country. Continue reading

Why is it necessary for marketers to leverage the user profile data?

With passage of time, user sophistication has increased and people are paying greater attention to the end usage of their data. If you are keen to build the reputation of your brand, it is vital that you take your customers into confidence and win their trust.  Continue reading

What holds the key to managing social data?

Those who have thought of, created and launched a registration system realize that from point of view data collection, screens and work flow are critical components. After all, a well-conceived interface can indeed make or break your plans. But it takes time to get right your data collection in the social realm. Continue reading

Social media era has altered the business dynamics

An increasing number of budding businesses are treating Facebook and Twitter as an integral component of hanging out their shingles. In fact, many small business owners now realize the importance of using today’s highly popular social networking platforms to reach out to their prospective customers, create online communities of followers and dig into vast demographic information that can prove to be a real goldmine. Continue reading