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More ideas to optimize your e-commerce based offerings for mobiles

The SEO advantage of a unique mobile version is that Google has a designated bot for the purpose of crawling and indexing mobile versions. If your mobile and regular sites are SEO-competent, your pages become even more search-friendly. Optimize the content and images by inserting the key terms found in your domain-specific Google AdWords mobile search. Sprinkle them throughout your site pages.

Also, avoid using any overlapping ads as they hamper the flow of your content. In the previous post, we have considered a few basics of optimizing your site for mobile and tablet users. Just to give a quick recap:

  • First and foremost, checking out whether or not your site is optimized for the fast-evolving mobile and tablet generation. It must evolve in keeping with the changing technology landscape.
  • Keeping your mobile website’s interface simple and page sizes small; making your content crisp, compact and visually appealing, and keeping the site regularly updated.
  • Minimizing your site even while maximizing its searchability, plus testing your site’s mobile version on multiple devices cutting across models and brands (ideally of different platforms)
  • Importantly, marketers must be well aware of the new mobile consumer behavior, to provide a overall thrust to your mobile SEO strategy.

Not all mobile browsers are compatible with Flash, video-audio players, frames, pop-ups, and JavaScript, which designers are keen to use. Even if they spice up the site, they are unusable for the people who visit your site via low-end mobile phones. Instead try to have in place a flexible mobile site for variable screen sizes plus resolutions. Scaling page elements by different screen sizes, instead of setting fixed pixel widths for your page elements is preferable to make your site compatible for a wide array of mobile phones.

The best way to optimize your e-commerce based offerings for mobiles is to develop an app. This will give your wireless presence the much needed competitive edge so as to stay ahead of your competition. An app can place the users directly in your virtual store. Last but not the least, consider the design options in terms of Google transcode and mobile subdomain. Employing Google’s configuration tool to transcode the site to mobile HTML from classic HTML won’t probably provide a unified experience to your users.

There is a chance of having content and images resized in unrestrained or unattractive ways. There is scope for, duplication of content and error pages. One way to avoid the overall poor user experience is to make a mobile subdomain specifically geared for your mobile website.

This can be done by creating a subdomain txt files, a key aspect for both search direction and indexing. A distinct mobile URL will prevent your mobile optimization from hampering your classic optimization and vice versa. Importantly, this will let the GoogleBot Mobile index the mobile site version for mobile searches.