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Key aspects of Google Analytics

Google Analytics tells you how online visitors arrived at your site by finding it either through random search, recommendation or keyword specific query. It also shows how a user has explored it, and then suggests how better you could enhance the user experience. With this practical information at your disposal, you can improve your business site’s visibility and conversion rate. Continue reading

Countdown for switchover from Yahoo! Search Marketing to adCenter

It is time to get ready your account for a smooth transition to Microsof adCenter from Yahoo Search Marketing account, with the deadline fast approaching.  Most users are already in the process of finishing the process or have already done so. The combined scale and reach of the two companies is aimed at letting them speed up the pace of innovation for providing a better search user experience, and assisting advertisers derive better results. Continue reading

Ingredients of superior PPC Management’s services

Among the most popular Pay Per Click (PPC) engines are Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and last but not the least, Google Adwords. A precise PPC Management Service comprises of several user-friendly and search friendly features that together give complete overview of your comprehensive PPC campaigns. Continue reading