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What is driving corporate social networks?

What LinkedIn made possible for industry connections and Facebook did for friendships, can emerging enterprise social networks do the same for a company’s workforce? It’s indeed a big opportunity waiting to be tapped and someone to conquer it. Most popular social sites don’t really have much of a palpable learning curve or novelty, since many users are familiar with them. Specialized networks such as LinkedIn are facing a similar situation. Continue reading

In-house social networks grow in popularity

Even though networking has emerged as a major online trend, many corporate entities outside of the Web periphery have been a bit wary and slack in terms of adopting the social sites as handy workplace tools. There may be close to 850 million people connecting with their colleagues and friends on Facebook, and millions more on LinkedIn, Twitter etc, relatively less people check into in-house social networks for collaborating with their co-workers. But that may also be changing… Continue reading