Tips to ensure a successful social media foray

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Many B-2-B entities are turning to social media to check out what’s being talked about their brand online. They are rightly keeping a tab on forums and review sites for gathering competitive intelligence and also keeping up with the latest industry trends.

Jumping on to the social media bandwagon

Tech-savvy brand manages realize social media can be more effective and can also cost less money—even if the transition costs you a little more effort, discomfort, prodding and a bit of time and effort, as a result. The will is there, what perhaps lacking is the way to establish a strong presence amidst a strong competition and clutter out there.

Be proactive in your approach

A key thing to be kept in mind is that once a business builds a presence on social media (through a profile on any networking platform), it needs to be consistent in its interactions. You cannot adopt an on-off approach, which might confuse your visitors. Your account needs to be kept dynamic.

Stay true to the people’s expectations

Remember, people tend to build up certain expectations around communication, and when they are not met, the same can prove to be counterproductive. So businesses need to be really careful in their usage of social media. Monitor the user feedback on a regular basis to avoid negative publicity. This is something you cannot ignore.

Put in place a holistic social media policy

What you post in any social media form should not merely be a chain of random thoughts. It needs to be a well-constructed argument. This is where corporate brand managers have a crucial role to play. They need to form a holistic social media policy, because a faulty strategy is effectively handing users ‘loaded guns’ to cause incredible and reversible harm to your brand.

Innovation is the key

Position a campaign on par with the customers’ basic premise of usage. By making a concept too complicated to understand would not propel a campaign. Relationship marketing involves a mutually beneficial customer-company relationship.  Involve your customers at some stage of the decision-making process. Try and make your conversations personal and user-friendly.

Take help of specialists

Such is the speed and impact of social media that it’s a real challenge to keep abreast with it. This is where a proper social media strategy charted with help of specialists comes into play. Their inputs and advice can make handing social media a smoother task instead of trying to do so, on your own. There are inherent risks of using social media by corporate advertisers who are not judicious enough.

Be patient and consistent

Conceptualizing a social media campaign demands acute awareness of the mindset of your target audience. This is a really painstaking job. Networking channels have several beneficial features, which will take time and patience to fully understand and leverage. Also, certain technicalities are involved in its usage. Hence, results from any social media campaign don’t come quick as believed by many business owners. You need to be patient!