Yelp makes local search easier for Apple users

Apple has made a smart move by partnering with Yelp and focusing on ‘local’ search results to provide better results with SIRI. With the help of Yelp, the information of all the local places like restaurants, spas, shopping centers, etc would be available on the go for users who use Siri for their search (Apple iPhone 4S).
The mobile web experience is sure to be enhanced; with Yelp and iOS partnering and developing as well. Yelp has recently added 25 million retail and restaurant reviews to SIRI to improve the search results. Considering this development, the entrepreneurs are now looking at SIRI as a new way to get recommended on the web and drive more traffic to their websites (and in turn increase their profit).
SIRI is clearly an addition to the way one can drive traffic to their website and earn profit in business.

To understand how, let us have a look at this example -

Suppose you ask Siri to list Italian restaurants, then SIRI would be listing some of the top rated Italian restaurants in your nearby area. If you are amongst the top rated and most reviewed company on Yelp, then there are chances that SIRI will recommend your website in search.

Looking at the rise in the number of sales of iPhone 4S, SIRI can prove to be one of the main source to drive traffic your way.

Is it required to get featured on Yelp to be recommended by SIRI? Would it help to increase traffic to your website and business?

With Yelp being the major partner of SIRI at launch, your business will surely be benefited if you are reviewed and highly ranked on Yelp.

With Yelp introducing different features from time to time, businesses that offer discounts, daily deals and other such great offers will drive more and more traffic from SIRI. Again, how much can you rely on the information provided by SIRI with the help of Yelp?

Yelp, being a site where customers are supposed to post their honest opinions and reviews after visiting a restaurant or spa or any other business, but many a times these reviews and opinions are biased as customers fail to post honest opinion. For example, if a review writer is more fond of Restaurant A than Restaurant B, then no matter how good the quality of food at Restaurant B is, the review will be in favor of Restaurant A; hence SIRI will display ‘Restaurant A’ to be the best one in your area. Similarly, the individual views differ as their nature, personality and personal taste. You might not even like something which someone else have fallen ‘head over heels’ in love with.

If you are into local business, would you prefer Yelp? Let us know your strategies to stay ahead in this mobile search engine world. With Yelp being the major partner of SIRI at launch, your business will surely be benefited if you are reviewed and highly ranked on Yelp.