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There’s no doubt that link building is a crucial part of your SEO campaign. And getting it right is one of the most challenging experiences that often concerns many new start-ups and sometimes Pro SEO’s as well. Link-Building is a slow and gradual process that requires loads of patience, discipline and of course creative intelligence. There are certain work ethos that need to be followed in your search of a perfect link building campaign. In this brief article, we’ll rather talk about ten worst link building practices that you need to be careful with.

1. Followed or not

It’s a crime that we often commit by not following up our clients after initial round of communication. Not only that hurts the bottom-line of your business but you may end up losing some prospective clients as well. Well, one thing that you need to be aware about is not each and every client will respond immediately. And that doesn’t mean that you will entirely give up on them. But they need to be further pursued and educated about your business to bring them at the end of your sales funnel. This can be only achieved by following up with them at a regular interval of time depending upon the sales funnel they are in.

2. Verify Sites, Before Linking

As a site owner, it’s no longer a clutter free virtual world for a smooth business communication. And on top of that you need to adhere with Google’s webmaster guidelines to maintain your existence. Hence, before embarking on any sort of business communication with your client, you may do well to just cross check their site for any hacked or malicious content or even Google indexing concerns that may not only result in some kind of unwanted links to your site but also you may be penalized for infringing upon webmaster’s policy norms.

3. Have you properly read it or not


Act in accordance with your client’s concerns and your requirements. If your client doesn’t want you to communicate through a certain way then just don’t do it. So, if your client doesn’t want to do a text link, site-wide link or even don’t want to be contacted at certain hours then there’s no point in doing so. Just leave them alone.

4. Webmaster’s Call, Care to listen

It’s often hurts our link building efforts, when we aren’t communicating with the webmaster. For they are the one who know what your visitor expects out of your content and business as such. In addition to that, you don’t want to be linked to some irrelevant sites which caters to housekeeping services or talks about pet care or offers car-washing services and stuff like that. To avoid any of those sorts of miscommunication, just hear out your webmaster’s concerns.

5. Care for Q with “lity” and not “tity

If you are to choose between two social media pages one with 10 lacs clicks random and irrelevant clicks and the other with 10,000 relevant quality links then most of us would go for the latter then former irrespective of the numbers. The reason being that 10 lacs may look good on view, but will hardly help the bottom-line of your business. Because at the end of the day, it is quality rather than quantity that matters.

6. Hey, it’s me don’t you know

Be specific with your e-mail communication and try to address it to the concerned person. Try to pitch your correspondence in a formal way. Be specific even with the name of your addressing person and try not to do any guessing work. Because if you do work that way then there are chances it may not go down well with your e-mail recipient. Understand that you’re communicating for your marketing needs and not doing any phishing activity as such.

7. Don’t attract webmaster’s ire

When pitching as a part of your link building campaign, don’t get involved in any sort of phishing activity or sell your collections of some precious links or even harm your competitor’s website in order to get ahead of them. Don’t act in such nonchalant way so as to warrant webmaster’s action.

8. Let the Webmaster guide you

In case, if you do get webmaster’s correspondence then don’t act nonchalantly rather take it seriously forward while solving any such dispute. But if you don’t adhere to the webmaster’s norms then you may seriously hurt your online presence.

9. Keep it Short and Simple, dude


Understand that most of your clients are inundated with e-mail messages all day long and hardly few of those seem to get the desired response from the recipient. Hence, the idea is to be short and crisp with your e-mail correspondence and get the relevant message across in few words for them to respond to your query.

10. Relevance is that a factor…

People just want results to stuff that are closely connected to their queries irrespective of its relevancy. But your idea of relevance may differ from mine. But as a business owner if you do get a correspondence from an SEO firm asking about your site’s SEO requirements then the question as such may sound relevant to you but as an owner it may be a lot more difficult for you to come out with a proper answer.

Get rid of your Bad Habits!

As they say, it’s easier to prevent bad habits than to break them and fortunately these habits are rather easy to get by. But most people don’t have that willingness to break bad habits. They have a lot of excuses and they talk like victims. So, don’t be a victim of your own fallacy start changing them to see the desired outcome of your existing SEO campaign. But if you are not able to DO IT YOURSELF then hire some professionals to do it for you.

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