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How to Increase Traffic by Optimizing for Google’s Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are search results that appear on top of Google’s organic results. You can generally see them below the ads that appear in a box. Featured snippets attempt to answer the users’ questions as soon as possible. Being featured means that your brand will receive more visibility in search results.

Different featured snippets you need to know about:

Paragraph – featured as a text with or without images

List – featured as a list on the search results

Table – featured as a table on the search results

You can get featured in search results by doing the following:

Start researching long-tail keywords –

Several studies have found that long-tail keywords are responsible for most featured snippets. The more words entered into a search box; the more likely a featured snippet will appear. While conducting keyword research, keep the following two things in mind:

  • Start with question-type search queries as they are easy to identify
  • Target the questions with informational intent

Look up more questions on Google –

To learn more about the subject, look through Google’s “People also ask” section whenever you search one in the search results. It gives a lot of information about which questions Google thinks are related to each topic.

Determine which search queries you already rank high for –

Identifying which phrases you already rank highly for is your low-hanging fruit. After optimizing for answer boxes, these will be the easiest to get featured for.

Keep an eye on the questions people ask on Twitter – Monitoring questions on Twitter is another way to uncover untapped opportunities. Its search engine supports the question mark search operator, limiting results to those that include a question.