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Quick tips for video content optimization

Video marketing has become a major area of activity for marketers. Online video sites and content platforms derive a significant amount of traffic on the Web, making them a major hub of advertising and brand promotion. The marketing experts are constantly working on different ways and means for optimizing the intrinsic ability of videos. Apart from creating a quality content, it is also important to ensure that the content helps you access and attract your target audience. Continue reading

Basic ideas for your video content SEO

Though publishing and watching videos online has become a popular activity, the process of getting them ranked higher in search results still remains challenging. In fact, the task can be prove to be more frustrating than you may think primarily owing to the deluge of video content online. It is not just enough to produce great video content. What matters whether you correctly optimize and popularize it! Continue reading

Tips to make your site compatible for international markets

What does it really take for budding businesses to tap the Internet’s immense reach and power from a global perspective? First and foremost, it is necessary to conduct a thorough and independent research on specific markets they intend to enter. Once assured of product and process compatibility, necessary steps should be taken to align your online business identity with the prospective customers’ aspirations. Continue reading

How to maintain brand visibility within Universal Search results spectrum?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a widely tried and tested tactic in the whole mix of online search marketing. However, brand marketers are now realizing that the evolution of the search engine results page (SERP) layout demands a new approach. In this context, I shall discuss a few ideas here to accomplish top visibility for businesses. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: June21-30-2010

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Google Docs Simplified Sharing And Privacy Options

In the wake of recent privacy brouhaha about pretty much everything, search engine titan Google has taken adequate measures with a few new tweaks to ensure that its Google Docs meets the highest possible standards, extending greater control to users over how to share and…

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Google Unleashed “GoogleCL” The Command-Line Tool For Accessing Web Services

As of today, true nerds, geeks, and Internet trolls can perform their Googling tasks straight from their Terminal window with a new program called GoogleCL. Mountain View, Calif., search engine behemoth Google has just released a tool to let command-line aficionados use several of the search giant’s services with the full glory of a text-based interface…

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Google To The Rescue Of Newspaper Industry, To Introduce “NEWSPASS”

Google and news organizations have not been seeing eye to eye very much lately. Some traditional news outlets have gone as far as accusing the company of “stealing” their content with Google News or even through the search engine. In an attempt to thwart conflict search engine titan Google is making preparations to introduce a “NEWSERVICE” with “NEWSPASS” this year…

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Google Debuts Renewed Gmail Contact Cards

Ever since its major GMail update in late 2007, and in keeping pace with the Mountain View, Calif., company’s incremental updates ideology, the search engine leader for the past couple of weeks has been adding one or the other major features to Gmail; and the two recent ones were Google Maps Previews and a Redesigned Chat Window, and now…

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Microsoft Unveiled Windows Live Messenger For iPhone And iPod Touch

It took Microsoft a long time to produce an IM app for the iPhone. Surprising as it may seem, The Redmond company’s latest milestone is that it has wrapped up “Windows Live Messenger” for the iPhone and iPod Touch and is serving the application to customers from iTunes App Store…

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Google Scores Landmark Victory In $1B Viacom Copyright Case

Delighted with court’s ruling that endorsed the viability of sites that accept content from users, search engine behemoth Google Inc., has scored a landmark victory over its long-running battle against media companies as a Manhattan federal judge rebuffed Viacom Inc.’s $1 bln lawsuit…

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Flickr Photo Page Becomes Wider And Faster With Redesign

Yahoo owned Flickr continues to attract a vast community of more than 85 million devotees and photo enthusiasts each month around the world. The popular photo-sharing site Flickr on Wednesday has rolled out a dramatic makeover to the layout of its site’s photo display page, by…

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Google Voice Telephony Service Now Opens To All Users In US

Internet giant Google on Tuesday opened its Google Voice telephony management application service to all users in the United States interested in adopting a single telephone number for all of their phones, as the company withdrew the requirement for prospective users to receive…

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Microsoft’s Bing Goes Hollywood – Adds Entertainment Features To Its Search Results

Microsoft Corp.’s recently unleashed the latest update to its high-spirited search engine, Bing, boosting the experience related to entertainment for users by spotlighting music, films, games and television shows…

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YouTube, RumbleFish Teams-Up For “Friendly Music” To Thwart Copyright Issues

Google owned popular video-sharing site YouTube on Wednesday forged an alliance with music licensing store RumbleFish, unveiling a new music option online called Friendly Music, an online store that empowers YouTube users to purchase copyright-protected tracks just for $1.99 a pop…

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Yahoo Search Executive Larry Cornett Exits

Internet pioneer Yahoo Inc.’s Vice President of Search Consumer Products “Larry Cornett,” who was vital to the company’s message that it remained dedicated to the search business even though it was outsourcing the back-end search crawling to Microsoft since the past several months, is leaving the company…

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HP Snaps Up Mobile Music Service Provider Melodeo

Computer giant Hewlett-Packard is adding to its growing arsenal of mobile business by acquiring a Seattle-based music streaming company Melodeo, which specializes in music applications and services for mobile devices, fueling speculation that the company plans to release a possible…

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Google Incorporates Flash Player Plug-In To Chrome Browser

Apple might not be a big Flash admirer, but Google is. The search engine giant has fulfilled a promise to incorporate Adobe Systems’ Flash Player into the recently released stable version of Chrome 5.0.376.86 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, more importantly, enables it by default…

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Google’s Chrome OS Architect Jumps Ship To Join Facebook

The Google-to-Facebook talent shift has taken a new dimension: Mountain View, Calif., search engine leader Google’s Engineering Director Matthew Papakipos, best known for leading the Chrome OS project to reshape browsers and the Web into a more powerful foundation for applications, recently tweeted, “Now that Chrome OS & WebGL are in good…

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Gmail Now Allows You To View Microsoft Word Docs In Your Browser

Google on its Official Gmail Blog announced that it has now activated the option to view Microsoft Word documents (.doc and .docx) can now be easily viewed right into your browser with a single click when received as attachments in Gmail…

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Google To Support HTML5 In Gmail

Google is very much eager for the emerging HTML5 standard, and recently announced that it is planning to change over to this new platform, and many upcoming features of the company’s Gmail Web-based e-mail service will be delivered in HTML5, said Adam de Boor, a staff software engineer working on the service…

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Google Changes Tack Stops Redirecting Chinese Users To Uncensored Site Before License Expires

In a bid to maintain its presence in mainland China, Internet search engine behemoth Google Inc., changed tack in China to address government objection about its attempts to evade censorship by redirecting users to an uncensored site in Hong Kong, as it vied to get its business license renewed in the world’s largest online market…

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MapQuest Launches Fully Revamped Site With New Logo And Social Features

MapQuest Inc., a popular online mapping website in the US, owned by AOL — striving to recapture its status as most-visited mapping website from Google Maps — has just unfurled a revamped interface and several new features, with the aim of boosting the site’s capabilities to not only display maps but also inform users about the places shown on them, the company said Tuesday…

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