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Display IP Address of your own to Exclude/Include IP Address Traffic in google analytics by Using Greasemonkey Script.

I know, you have a question in your mind that – Why do we need to exclude our own IP address in google analytics account? Let’s say you have a staff of 100-200 people who are visiting the website on a daily basis. In this case it appears that their traffic also gets counted in the account and it results in huge traffic. This in-house traffic is of no use to track in the account for analysis. So, in order to filter our own traffic/visits in the account we need to exclude our own IP address. If you want you can include your own IP address traffic too in the account by creating an IP filter. Continue reading

Designing and SEO Tips for Google Instant Preview

Designing and SEO Tips for Google Instant Preview

In the face of stiff competition from Microsoft Bing, Google has revised its search engine algorithm to provide faster search results. The latest feature to be integrated in the search engine is Google Instant Preview. According to Google’s official blog, the new functionality facilitates users to get results “as quickly as they type”. In addition to this, Google Instant Preview allows users to ‘preview’ results on the search engine result page (SERP) by presenting a screenshot at a click on the magnifying glass icon. Since Google continues to be the most popular search engine by far, it is essential that search engine marketing strategies are modified to suit this new functionality.

Designing Tips for Google Instant Preview

Google Preview offers a visual representation to users to determine whether to visit a website. This has a meaningful impact on the effectiveness of a site’s search engine marketing. The Preview functionality has made the first impression offered by a website more important than ever. Subsequently, the importance of website design has increased tremendously.

Google Preview offers a visual representation to users to determine whether to visit a website. This has a meaningful impact on the effectiveness of a site’s search engine marketing. The Preview functionality has made the first impression offered by a website more important than ever. Subsequently, the importance of website design has increased tremendously.

While modifying the complete website design or the user interface for Google Preview is not recommended, it is important to appreciate the need for bettering some aspects of website design. Below are some important designing tips that can make the functionality work for websites:

  1. Flash content may not be displayed by Google Preview. For critical content, a different presentation style is recommended.
  2. It is crucial to remember that not just the homepage of a website shows up on this new feature. Any indexed page can pop up on the SERP. While making alterations to suit Google Preview, website designers must consider design elements for an array of web pages.
  3. The size of the preview offered is quite small. Therefore, website owners have to ensure that the branding and logos are prominent and placed right on top of the pages. This will facilitate existing clients to distinguish particular websites and also further brand awareness.
  4. The use of colors that contrast with Google’s background is recommended as this makes websites more distinctive and easy for users to see as well as read.
  5. Google Preview necessitates careful use of layout patterns as well as white space on web pages, since these offers a sense of structure and improves readability.
  6. Website designers must consider font and page title sizes. Additionally, relevant and attractive headlines or titles can gear better click through.

SEO Tips for Google Instant Preview

Apart from website designing, SEO strategies, too, need some amount of revamping if businesses have to take advantage of the ‘searchscape’. The following are some SEO tips that can help websites stay ahead in the race:

  1. Refining of the meta-description becomes important. Although a sophisticated functionality, Google Instant Preview requires searchers to click on the preview button (magnifying glass) to derive an idea about the site. Websites, therefore, have to convince searchers that previewing the website will be in the best of their interest. An interesting and well-defined proposition, within 150 characters, offers the perfect incentive to searchers to preview particular website.
  2. Fixing header tags is crucial. Since the preview display is very small, it is unlikely that searchers will be able to decipher the entire text. However, the larger items in the header tags will be distinguishable. Searchers are most likely to use information in the title and the header tags to decide upon the page structure and usability of the website.
  3. Alt text is also important. Images that show up for relevant keywords must have descriptive and accurate alt text to grab the searcher’s attention.

Start Your Online Journey With Long Tail Keywords

Start Your Online Journey With Long Tail Keywords

We ended last year with 234 million websites, according to England based Internet services company Netcraft. For anyone launching a new website, this is an overwhelming figure. How does a website get into a space like that and still get noticed? The answer is by using long tail keywords. I think I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning. Continue reading

7 Tips to Ensure That a Slow Site Does Not Affect Your Google Rankings

7 Tips to Ensure That a Slow Site Does Not Affect Your Google Rankings

In an age where Google is coming up with products like Instant, the role of ‘speed’ in defining user experience is more significant than ever before. Users on the web try to find relevant information as fast as possible. And, the longer it takes for a page to load, the lesser time a visitor will spend on it. Penalizing for such poor service and inspiring for better user experience, search engines give an edge to sites loading faster over slow loading sites in the search results.

7 Tips to Speed up Your Site

Online businesses must take the below listed simple, yet effective measures to provide a better user experience to their visitors. This will ensure that they get rewarded by search engines in terms of better search rankings.


  1. Defining the height and width of images lets the browser continue with loading the remaining part of the page. Since the space for the image is already defined, it gets filled up later.
  2. To keep high quality images, along with the fast-loading preview images, multiple versions of images should be created. While the PNG format is great for high quality images, it grows in size really fast on adding colors. So, for larger images full of color, .JPG should be the format.
  3. Do away with as many images as possible. Use typography wherever it can replace graphics. As search engines crawl text, that’s better for SEO. For all images that are essential, make them as small in size as you can.
  4. Coding

  5. Bring down the size of the HTML page. Shorter the code, faster a site loads. By editing the code manually rather than using automated HTML generators like Frontpage, coding can be kept efficient and any tag that is not required can be eliminated. It can get troublesome for some browsers to load numerous levels of nested tables. If you have a skilled programmer, he/she will identify such an improperly nested table easily. If it still can’t be figure out, developers need to rewrite the code and simplify it.
  6. Using XHTML or “valid” HTML enables the browser to efficiently process the code. Several browsers become really slow in the “quirks” mode. Moreover, a lot of small mistakes get through. W3C’s Markup Validation Service helps in diagnosing errors in the code.
  7. Use a small style sheet that excludes redundant formatting specifications. While using a shorter style name helps, don’t try to replace any of the standard tags, such as H1 and H2 since Google crawler reads them better than any other unique tag.
  8. Java

  9. A browser processes HTML ten times faster than it does for JavaScript. Using PHP or moving the JavaScript to the server can speed up a website. Loading, interpretation and execution of JavaScript should be checked on various browsers. An HTML page should be kept exclusive of Java applets. By displaying all data in HTML, interaction with the database is minimized. In case of essential interactions, that should be selected on indexed fields only.

So, can you afford to lose a visitor just because he gets bored waiting for the site to load and leaving without even looking at your content? You lose readers and thus, everything you are trying to make money from – be it ad impressions or click-throughs. You don’t have an option. Pace up!

How will Google Places affect your Local SEO results?

Google has officially unveiled new SERPs based on its Place Search functionality. Launched less than a month after the introduction of Google Instant, Place Search is expected to bring about major changes in search rankings for local businesses. To start with, Google has compromised on the 7-pack for local results in an effort to reverse-engineer its search algorithm. Implications of this new functionality will force local business to rethink SEO strategies in terms of keyword usage and online presence.

What is Google Place Search?

According to the official Google blog, Place Search is “a new kind of local search result that organizes the world’s information around places”. With this functionality in place, Google has merged search results for organic searches with the listings in Google Places. According to the official blog, this would help online users to search for genuine local listings and compare them in a more organized manner.

Here are two screenshots of the Google search result page for the keyword ‘austin bar-b-que’ (retrieved from the official Google blog). The first screenshot displays search results when the Place Search functionality was not deployed. In this case, the search page used to show Google Map listing of the 7 pack (top seven local business listings), followed by organic search results.

Here are two screenshots of the Google search result page for the keyword ‘austin bar-b-que’ (retrieved from the official Google blog). The first screenshot displays search results when the Place Search functionality was not deployed. In this case, the search page used to show Google Map listing of the 7 pack (top seven local business listings), followed by organic search results.

The second screenshot is the revised form of the Google search page after Place Search functionality has been successfully deployed. Google Map listing has been moved to the sponsored results section. The organic search result section shows Google Places listings in a comprehensive manner.

Interestingly, the Google Map on the search page moves down as the user scrolls. This has been done to establish the relation between map listings and search results and also to ensure user-friendliness.

It is noteworthy that the rank of restaurants has also changed significantly in the new version of the search page. Stubbs BBQ, which was on first rank in the 7 pack listing, has moved to second rank in the new search result. An understanding of the new search result dynamics is essential to save your business from severe losses.

What it Means for Local Businesses

With the introduction of Place Search, Google has revised its search listing algorithm. On a detailed analysis of the new search page, it is notable that:

  • Local results are gaining prominence in the search results.
  • With map being moved to the sponsored list, advertisers will have to face more competition for Adwords.
  • With more information available for local searches, users will be able to compare results.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here is how Place Search is going to impact local businesses:

  • Business with no websites can get registered with Google Local/Places. Earlier, it was possible for such businesses to grab a position in the 7 pack without any web presence. Now, businesses with a functional website will getthe leverage.
  • Google is considering both local results and organic results to show an exact number of listings. Thus, businesses with good organic ranking will be able to break into the 7 pack easily. However, businesses with no local listing will suffer a severe search rank loss.
  • There is a possibility of user reviews driving the online business.
  • Vertical directories might suffer a drop in search ranking unless they are able to find a place among the clustered third party links associated with each listing.

Quick Tips to Survive

Adaption is the best policy to survive a change. To make your business loss-proof from this new Google search algorithm, local business have to:

  • Invest into building a professional website
  • Get listed in Google Places
  • Promote the website offline and ask customers to write reviews for you
  • Re-strategize SEO efforts to include the new functionality

10 Killer Tips to Leverage Your Social Profiles for SEO

Let’s accept it – the Internet is moving from ‘search’ towards ‘social’. As the world embraces social media, ‘search’ is also trying to relate with it. This doesn’t mean that people will stop using search engines to solve their queries. While we get all set to build our social networks, the same force can strengthen our SEO simultaneously.

Dominate SERPs

Profiles on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook show up in search results. To make the most of this, you need to do more than just creating the profile. Make the page more informative and keep the profile active through regular participation. Participate in LinkedIn Q&A. Build followers on Twitter and add meaty content to your Facebook profile regularly. This will help you secure all positions for your brand name on Page 1 of search engine results. Your competitors will never be able to leach branded traffic from the search engines.

Get Direct Links

The profile pages of some social media sites have a ‘do-follow’ link. Pointing this to your site gives it direct credit. Even if some social media profiles offer ‘no follow’ links, they earn some benefit for the page they link to.

Design Second Order Links

There’s always a possibility of gain in terms of SEO as many people pick links from social networks and post them elsewhere – it may be their own blog, site or profile. To optimize this process, it is important that whatever content is posted on your social media profile is worth sharing. This will drive an effect at the second order and benefit the site’s compatibility with search engines in the long run.

The more shareable the content is, the greater is an average user’s tendency to link out to it. This, in the long run, will have to be one of the factors to be considered for SERPs.

Repackage Social Content

Take interesting tweets or Facebook comments on an update. Then, republish it on your site with screenshots of the stream of comments/tweets. Do a little bit of analysis of the issue, keeping the opinions expressed by your network as the base of the content. Make this piece keyword rich and link it back to the relevant social media profile of your business.

Transcribe Videos

Pick up the most popular videos from your YouTube channel or any other profile. Start transcribing them. Don’t worry if they are long or difficult to understand. Break out the things that are important. Bold them. Highlight some quotes. Give the transcription an SEO friendly title and post it on your site or blog with the video embedded on that page. Make sure that the video is also optimized with the right tagging and description.

Aggregate Answers

Use your profile on Yahoo Answers to collect a group of questions pertaining to the domain of your business. Create an FAQ section on your website and promote it as the source of answers to all queries. Link back to this page in social platforms like forums and Q&A platforms.

Drive Traffic

Any update has the potential to promote a link. Doing that smartly can drive quality direct traffic proportionate to the number of followers you have. Search engines pay attention to how popular a link is and that becomes one of the factors for determining the position it receives in the search engine results. You can study analytics to identify the SEO variables you want to tie to your social media activities.

Be Current

Search engines work towards enhancing user experience by offering better results. That’s why they are moving towards real-time search. Here, tweets play an important role in determining the relative authority of news items. Also, this will promote sources of news that are not one of the top news aggregators, but trusted by the public.

Boost Off Page SEO

Social profiles can become a powerful weapon to boost your off page optimization campaigns. For example, placing the bookmarks effectively can help build substantial traction to pages like article submissions produced for optimizing the mother site.

The final tip, and probably the most important one is – Don’t Mix Up. Fundamentally, the user is seeking good experience, be it through search or social platforms. Thus, it is very important that in whichever way you leveragesocial media to support SEO, you still stay social in your behavior. While you may be thinking links, you shouldn’t be talking links.

Is Google Instant Affecting Your Small Business?

Is Google Instant Affecting Your Small Business?

When Google announced that it will change the way users get their search results, there was one question on everyone’s mind – Will Google Instant kill SEO? But, the fact is that the new arrow from the quiver of the Internet king can improve results for small businesses that optimize their local sites for the search engine and make the most of this change.

What is Google Instant?google instant

Google Instant delivers predictive search results, enabling people to search faster as results for queries are instant and change based on every character typed. Even before you have entered the entire phrase, Google starts showing search results. This advancement will definitely influence searcher behavior.

Is Your Target Audience Tech-Savvy?

An average user likes his/her experience on the web to be simple. Constantly flashing and changing text is not something that a user will adopt quickly, especially if they know how to turn off that functionality. Even many tech-savvy people are ignoring the instant results. So, the impact of Google Instant on your business will directly depend on your prospective customers. Their response to technology will determine the change in their searching behavior, thereby affecting your business.

Should Businesses Change the Way They Do SEO?

Among the existing considerations taken into account by Google for giving the search results are the location and individual search patterns of the user based upon the IP address. With Google Instant joining the scene, a local search engine optimizer has the opportunity to widen the range of key phrases. This will help local businesses to boost their lead generation.

Small businesses must try to optimize their web pages for the keywords suggested by Google. Now, since some keywords will have more impressions than others, evolving the way a business does SEO has become a prerequisite for using Google Instant to your advantage. Businesses can spot whether this change is taking place in their market by studying reports from analytics.

How to Capitalize on Google Instant?

Speed. Yes, that is exactly the value Google Instant has added to the process of searching. Businesses, too, need to be fast enough to start acting on this. With Instant, as a user types, the results will keep changing. If you are targeting a particular key phrase, the next way to go about optimizing your web page is by going through the exercise of typing that keyword and observing the changes.

Optimizing for shorter (i.e. broader) phrases will benefit more as many users who would have previously typed in a long search term will now find what they are looking for before putting in the complete search query. As a business owner, you must question your SEO consultant about how well your site is optimized for more general key phrases.

Will Google Instant Change the Way You Advertise?

Google has always strived towards enhancing user experience. By introducing Google Instant, the company’s purpose is nothing different. The ability of users to search the results closest to their query will increase as they will be able to change the search query on the fly. This will improve the quality of clicks on the ads sponsored by you.
Since the results will keep jumping as the user’s mind does from one word to another, it has become extremely important for the ad to catch the eye of the user. It should not only capture the attention of users, but also entice them to click on it.

So, be it for paid campaigns or attracting organic traffic, local websites will have to update their online marketing strategies to maximize the results of their investment as Google Instant enters the market to change it for the better.

Search Engine News Updates: July12-17-2010

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Surprise! Google Granted New Biz License To Operate In China

Interestingly in a surprising announcement, search engine behemoth Google Inc., over the weekend said that it has been unexpectedly granted a new license to continue to operate its search business in China…

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YouTube Shoots For The Moon, Host 4K-Resolution Videos

Late last year, Google owned popular video-sharing website YouTube introduced support for 1080p HD videos empowering anyone with a high quality camera to demonstrate their stuff in the best possible way. But over the weekend, YouTube announced support for so-called “4K” video, a format four times the size of current 1080p HDTVs…

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Bing Captures 7 Percent Share Of U.S. Search Market In June, Google Still Dominates

The Redmond, Wash.-based software major Microsoft’s Bing slowly but surely starting to chew into Google’s dominant position in U.S. search market. According to the latest Hitwise data, which indicates that Bing gained the most search growth for the month of June, growing 7 percent month-over-month to capture 9.85 percent of the U.S. search market…

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Google Gives Makeover To AdWords Location Extensions

Last year, Google unveiled location extensions, which lets you “extend” your AdWords campaigns by dynamically attaching your relevant business address to your ads. The search engine giant has just released a new feature for its AdWords location extensions that allows brands to display…

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Google Maps Adds Automatic URL Shortener

Fed up by sending lengthy Google map urls with 8-million characters? There is no denying it–those Google Maps URLs are shockingly long. Thankfully, search engine giant Google’s latest improvisation is not another “me too” URL shortener, but an actually useful tool for Google Maps…

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Google Search Share Plunges 1.1% In June 2010 To Yahoo, Bing: comScore

After going through some difficult times for a few months the software maker Microsoft introduced Bing, and according to Reston-based metrics firm comScore in its latest report indicated that while still lagging far behind Google, Bing showed signs of greater growth than its main search rival in June…

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Microsoft Integrates Outlook Links To Facebook, Windows Live Messenger

Slacking off at work just got a little easier with Outlook flourishing beyond a simple desktop email client, as Microsoft has recently empowered users to connect directly to four of the world’s top social networks. Pictures, status updates, and friend requests can appear next to email…

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Twitter Now Delivers Users Visibility Within Search Results

With the World Cup fad over, Twitter becomes one of the top online social media networking sites for users, which is now focusing on new features again. Without wasting any time, the company has now made searching for people or brands easier. Twitter is now displaying “name results” for people in search results…

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Google Explores Multiple Accounts Sign-In Feature In Single Browser

Until now if you happen to have more than one Google account, then opening another one in the same browser was just out of imagination, and thus it can be a real pain to manage multiple accounts. But this news about a novel feature that the search engine titan has under the wraps may surely interest you. Google is working on a new tool that will empower users to be logged into multiple accounts at a time in the same browser, according to a bloggy report…

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Apple Acquires Second Mapping Firm Poly9

Ever since establishing in 1976, Apple has so far acquired 28 companies, less than one acquisition a year. But now the Cupertino company is discarding its traditional ethos and is on a buying binge with tons of cash, and has recently shown an increasing enthusiasm to spend it to acquire companies like Quattro Wireless and Lala. Now the company has apparently plunked down an unknown amount to acquire a Canadian online mapping company “Poly9 Group,” which creates 3-D global maps…

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Google Makes Alliance With Omnicom To Boost Display Ads

Google’s display ad business is about to explode (in a positive way), according to a new report. The search engine colossus has teamed up with Omnicom Media Group for online display advertising, an area the internet giant is attempting to expand in as it looks for revenue streams outside of its traditional search ads…

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Google Acquires Metaweb To Deliver Smarter Search Results

Google on Friday revealed that it has acquired online database provider Metaweb, a heavily-backed startup which has been assembling a grand database on more than 12 million “items,” from around the world, which it then provides to site owners so that they can add the information to their sites…

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MySpace Acquires Social Messaging Service Threadbox

News Corp. owned MySpace’s messaging interface may soon take a new shape for the better. Late yesterday, the struggling social network confirmed that it is acquiring the assets and staff from Threadbox, a real-time social chat platform that plans to combine elements of email and prides itself in comparisons to Facebook…

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EU Approves Google Book-Scanning Deal With Dutch Library

The digital compilation of public domain works Google Books maintains is in store for yet another major boost. The search engine behemoth Google on Thursday said that The European Commission has approved Google’s plan to digitize some 160,000 public domain works from the Dutch National Library, provided the company complies with EU copyright and…

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Search Engine News Updates: July01-10-2010

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Google News Gets Redesigned Personalization Features — “News For You” Choice

Yahoo Wednesday said it has teamed up with IBM to deliver world-class customer care services in  Spanish, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, and Russian — as well as for future Arabic-language…

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Yahoo Taps IBM For Multilingual Customer Care Services

If you considered the Google Street View trike was weird, now get ready to take a run on the bobsleigh course, the official Street View snowmobile. Google’s new Street View micro-site for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver has taken to the slopes with the launch of Google Snow View…

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Yahoo Unveiled First Ever Mail And Messenger Apps For Android

Striving to keep pace with it rivals, Internet pioneer Yahoo Inc., on Thursday unleashed two free new Android apps — Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger, in addition to a Yahoo! Search Widget for Google’s mobile operating system. The company also stated that it had beefed up its Mail and News sites for Apple’s iOS devices by adding support for HTML5…

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Google Dings Bing With $700 Million Acquisition Of ITA Firm To Boost Travel Search

In its biggest acquisition deal of the year, Google Inc. is fully geared to rock up the online travel market with its $700 million acquisition of ITA Software Inc., whose airline reservation search tools power leading Web-based travel agencies like Chicago-based Orbitz Worldwide Inc…

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HP Wraps Up $1.2 Billion Palm Acquisition, Eyes WebOS Hardware

The world’s largest PC maker, Hewlett-Packard on Thursday disclosed that it has wrapped up its US$1.2 billion acquisition of Palm and confirmed it will use the company’s WebOS in future tablets and netbooks…

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Amazon Scoops Up Daily Deals Site Woot, Drops Price On Kindle DX

The vast empire of continues to expand, and has just added another interesting acquisition to its arsenal after last year’s Zappos. Woot, the whimsical online store which sells only one product a day, has been acquired by Web retail giant Amazon…

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Yahoo! Search Now Provides Search Suggestions In “Near Real-Time”

Yes, Yahoo still has a search engine, the Internet company on its Search Blog announced that it has enhanced its Yahoo Search Assist tool (the search suggestions that pops-up as you start entering a query), now displays real-time search suggestions when you start typing in search queries in either the Web or New search…

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French Antitrust Watchdog Slams Google AdWords

France’s antitrust watchdog on Wednesday accused Google Inc.’s online ad service of unfair practice by blocking a company from advertising on its online search services without warning and ordered it to clarify conditions for the product within four months, a decision that comes amid…

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Yahoo Upshot Experiments With Search-Generated Internet News Stories

In the beginning it all began with the inception of news delivered via the web, then appeared the blogging revolution — delivering the power of mass communication to many more hands. Now, Yahoo is the latest company to come out with plans to start using data garnered from the millions of search terms it processes every day in order to…

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MySpace Looking For New Ad Buddy To Replace Google

Media conglomerate News Corp. is in discussions with Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. about replacing social networking site MySpace’s crucial search-advertising partnership with Google, which expires next month, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday…

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Adobe Flash Sneeks Its Way Onto Apple iPad

iPad owners who are intensely upset that Apple and Adobe, once friends, have since become enemies over Steve Job’s refusal to incorporate Flash into any of his might soon have a solution. An enterprising iOS hacker behind the Spirit jailbreak for iPad and iPhone has followed up with a build of Adobe’s Flash has proven that with a little work…

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MySpace Looking For New Ad Buddy To Replace Google

Media conglomerate News Corp. is in discussions with Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. about replacing social networking site MySpace’s crucial search-advertising partnership with Google, which expires next month, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday…

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Twitter Dips Its Feathers Into Social Media Advertising With “@Earlybird”

It has been rightly said that the early bird gets the worm — so kudos to the world’s most popular microblogging website Twitter that is courageously dipping its feather into a new revenue-generating stream by way of its @Earlybird account — or at least pointing to places where…

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Bing Maps Provides A New View Of The 2010 Tour de France

The greatest cycling competition, the Tour de France, just got underway yesterday and lovers of the sport have every reason to be excited. Bing Maps has just announced the release of its new app for cycling fans around the world that helps visualize the various stages of the race and provides you with information such as results and weather…

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Apple Bars Dubious Developer From App Store Over Fraudulent Practices

In the wake of reports swirling around that Apple Inc.’s online iTunes store had been scammed, the company said Tuesday it has barred a Vietnamese iPhone developer from its store and removed his applications from the venue, who it said used other people’s iTunes accounts to…

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TweetUp Acquires Twidroid Twitter Client For Android And News App

Paid Twitter ad program and search engine service TweetUp, on Tuesday disclosed that it has added another company called Twidroid to its arsenal, developer of the most popular Twitter clients for Google’s Android mobile operating system…

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Google Proposes Display Ads Across Its Properties, Including In Maps, Gmail

Google is already a prominent player in display advertising and is poised to grab consumers’ clicks with paid search campaigns in coming years, but the search giant envisage strong potential in the display ad network. Now the Mountain View, Calif., search engine behemoth is venturing to capitalize on the power of its display properties YouTube, Gmail…

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Yahoo Makes Alliance With Offerpal Media To Monetize On Apps

The Yahoo Application Platform (or Y!AP) grew remarkably more appealing today. Yahoo! is apparently getting cozy with Offerpal Media with dreams and desires to create a viable multiplayer gaming social platform to compete with Facebook…

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Rich Text Signatures Finally Arrives At Gmail

Google’s Gmail webmail service is one of the best means of virtual communication available today, while it has been adding tons of features through its Gmail Labs and other means, however, one of the most desired Rich Text or HTML Signatures feature has been missing from it until now. On Thursday, the California-based search engine titan has flipped…

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YouTube Unveils New HTML5 Support For Its Mobile Site

Google’s video-sharing website Youtube is making moves to get online video aficionados to watch more videos — wherever they are, and has just embellished its mobile site with HTML5 support, higher video quality and a tweaked user interface…

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Yahoo Farms-Out For-Sale Real Estate Listings To Zillow

In a attempt to strengthen its home-buying features and lure local advertisers, Sunnyvale Internet giant Yahoo is is announcing an exclusive partnership with real estate listings and search site Zillow, and handle some of the ad sales on its real estate vertical, which regularly ranks among the most trafficked real estate sites on the web…

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