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A handy tool to study behavior pattern of your site visitors

By using a host of handy tools and the inputs from them, conversions can be enhanced. Based on the findings, specialists will analyze the behavior of your business site visitors and optimize the page under testing as per their requirements. This will play a significant role in increasing the conversion. Even seemingly simple modifications can help significantly increase the conversion, at times. Continue reading

Tools to analyze the site visitors’ behavior

The main objective of every E-Commerce site is to focus on the service parameters or product features. The idea is to boost sales and increase the profit margins by drawing the attention of potential customers who form your target audience. This is where an array of tools to analyze the site visitors’ behavior, come into play. Continue reading

Creating successful keywords to make your ads search friendly

Business site owners can resort to a several basic albeit effective techniques to make their keyword list. It holds the key to popularizing the site through domain specific searches. There are certain aspects to be kept in mind for creating keywords that will ensure that the target audience, as aspired by a small business, can find the site. Continue reading

How to ensure that you make the most of your ads even with a limited budget?

Consider employing the AdWords tool to push your ad and promote your business website. Relevant domain-specific search result pages usually determine the rank based on implicit Quality Score of selected keyword/s apart from cost-per-click (CPC) bid consideration. Following are a few basic things to be kept in mind for creating good ads that will get a better position on desired search pages relevant to your niche area of operation. Continue reading

Key factors that make your AdWords campaigns profitable

By tracking the actions and steps users take on your business site after having clicked your ad, you can easily find out whether your ad campaign is helping you make a good profit. Return on investment is a vital metric for advertisers. It’s based on specific advertising goals and indicates the tangible effect your ad campaigns have had on your business goals. Continue reading

Tips for creating impactful and successful ads

The text of your ad will determine the success of any search-driven campaign to a large extent. Its content is a crucial factor to attract your customers and engage them. By having a quick look at the copy, they mostly make their minds whether to pay a visit to your website or simply skip it altogether. Continue reading

Three powerful tips to create compelling text for your ads

Once you have done some amount of background work before conceptualizing and showcasing your ad to the target audience, the task becomes that much easier. As you may well be aware, its position on the relevant page is decided on basis of its Ad Rank. The one enjoying the highest Ad Rank will be placed in the top position. Those with lower Ad Ranks will obviously move down the page. Continue reading

Seven vital aspects related to potential impact of relevant keyword ideas

The Google Keyword Tool displays search data. The data may vary because of the ad group that a user has chosen, or whether the tool has been accessed from outside of his or her account.  The Competition column will give you an idea of how many advertisers are actually bidding for popular term/ phrase. This piece of information can help you decide how competitive a particular ad placement is. Continue reading

How to fine tune your keyword research?

You can make use of Google Keyword tool to know terms or phrases that are relevant to your domain. Check in and type in the terms/ phrases to know the quantum of searches carried out. Google’s list may throw a few surprises by turning out to be different from your own. Use the new list as your starting point for keywords you should rank for. Continue reading

Tips to use Google Keyword tool

Compiling a comprehensive list of key terms and keyword phrases that you think are relevant for your business domain is important. Google Keyword tool can prove to be handy in your endeavor. You can check search statistics in the both local and global monthly searches columns of the tool. These suggest the number of search queries approximately matching your key terms performed on the search engine for a month (a 12-month average). Continue reading