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Disseminating news and views via live blogs

Live blogging has fast made its mark as a potent online platform to rival 24/7 TV news. In a short span of time, it has evolved in a capable online interface for in-depth interaction and insightful conversation on any contemporary event of interest to masses irrespective of their geographical location. This has helped to widen the user base and focus on the target audience in a more effective manner. Continue reading

Rising prominence and widening base of Q&A sites

Quora is one among the emerging breed of question and answer based search platforms that give the option of putting up as well as answering questions. Many engines do so in an anonymous manner. The thought behind Quora is: When you are interacting with users spread across the world wide web, whom you mostly do not know, having their real name offers a better perspective and perception on why one should be paying attention or what their biases may be. Continue reading

The traditional question-and-answer sites and new platforms on the Internet

Many people are used to polling their select online contacts for information or advice through networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. However, the answers are not necessarily organized in any particular way or order. In most cases, they typically are on purely dedicated question and answer platforms. Of course, there is no way of archiving those replies or solutions for some other person who could gain from them, or for your own later reference. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: April 01-08-2011

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Google Tackles Facebook’s “Like” Button With Novel Social Search “+1”

Striving to retain its supremacy, global search engine leader Google Inc., on Wednesday expanded its social offerings, taking on Facebook’s “Like” Button with a button of its own, the “+1” Button, empowering users to personally endorse search results and Web pages, its latest attempt to… Read More

Twitter Nixes The QuickBar From Its iOS App

Farewell QuickBar, we hardly knew ye. After a rather bumpy beginning, microblogging site Twitter on Thursday said it has abolished the “QuickBar” from its iPhone app, which provided users with updates on trending topics, to the delight of a loud and passionate group of… Read More

Google Product Executive Bids Adieu As Page Takes Reins

Global search engine behemoth Google Inc., has confirmed that its senior vice president for product management Jonathan Rosenberg, who has been at the company since 2002 plans to quit, a move that may give freer rein to new CEO as he attempts to reorganize the company… Read More

Facebook For iPhone Debuts Event Check-Ins, Maps And Unfriending

A couple weeks ago, the social media network Facebook unfurled Check-Ins To Events, and as promised, the company has released a new version of its application that gives users full capability to check in to events via the iPhone and their mobile-based touch site… Read More

Twitter Adds “Who To Follow” — Interest-Based Search Rewards SEO

Thriving with 200 million people on Twitter, there is no dearth of accounts to follow. On Monday, the popular micro-blogging network Twitter announced a new search feature that will help users find accounts that are related to their interests with an updated “Who to Follow” page and a new… Read More

Google Declares Free Phone Support For AdWords Customers In US And Canada

For years Google has perfectly made it easy for advertisers to fill-up its popular AdWords treasure chest with money, but, if you ever face a problem with your AdWords account, then you know what a glorious pain there is for advertisers to get answers to their questions. Finally, the search engine giant Google has announced that it is adding free telephone support… Read More

Facebook Reaches Out To Journalists With Independent Page

Striving to promote the use of social media network in the newsroom, Facebook has unleashed a new media Page called, Journalists on Facebook, which is intended to be a resource page to help journalists adopt the social media network as a reporting tool and better connect with their… Read More

Microsoft Bing Maps “Streetside” To Rival Google Street View In Germany

Advancing cautiously to avoid the blunders that have plagued Google’s Street View service in Germany, Microsoft announced plans to roll-out a similar service via its popular Bing Maps dubbed as “Streetside” in the country next month… Read More

Google To Sponsor $100 Million Worth Of Original Contents For YouTube

In its quest to lure its audience to its the world’s most popular video sharing website YouTube, search engine giant Google Inc. is working on a major overhaul of YouTube as it tries to position itself as a more traditional channel-oriented site, and will spend $100 million to create… Read More

Twitter Experiences Technical Glitches As It Refreshes Interface — Goes Tweetless

Popular microblogging site Twitter has recently refreshed the look of its website, but apparently seems to be grappling with technical glitches on Tuesday, disabling a new home page as well as a “Trends” feature and the site had to temporary switch to an old version… Read More

Google Puts $5 Million In German Solar Power Plant

As far as German competition authorities extend its approval, it seems that Google will soon be in part responsible for powering the lights and computers at a number of German homes. The Silicon Valley Internet powerhouse Google on Thursday announced its very first clean energy plans… Read More

Gorgeous Bing App For iPad Makes Searching The Web Pleasing

Software monopolist Microsoft’s latest effort to bring Bing to the masses — today unveiled the new Bing for iPad, the company’s first app for Apple’s tablet. And it is gorgeous and well-designed, which one analyst dubbed it a “killer app” that beats Google’s “hands down.”… Read More

A potent form of communication changes contours of information exchange

Live blogging is a dynamic digital format that has fast evolved in a unique way that is changing the whole landscape of interaction and conversation. This year in particular, as the turbulent Arab revolution has unfolded, the domain of live blogging has turned into one of the most dominant platforms for breaking news on the Web. Continue reading

Filling in the information gaps in online search

Lately, an apparently older concept is witnessing a revival: websites where members can ask and answer queries. A host of start-ups in the domain are gathering momentum and managing to attract both eyes of investors and wallets of venture capitalists. A generic albeit interactive idea of question-answer based search sites has for long been largely dominated by some of the high-traffic incumbents such as Yahoo Answers and WikiAnswers. Continue reading

Linking search to your location

Hipster is a curious start-up, which is said to tie user questions to specific locations. It seems to have stirred up some interest among early adopters just ahead of its formal introduction.  A group of tech lovers in San Francisco have been talking about what it might actually be. Its CEO Doug Ludlow has not divulged much about the business model. But the market grapevine suggests it’s producing what seems to be a mysterious case study in viral marketing. Continue reading

Questions and answer based interaction via videos

In their quest to generate a large target audience base, full-fledged and competent platforms question and answer format based online platforms are coming up in niche segments. What they essentially try to do is acting as a cache for the research that people conduct on the Web. The platforms try to incorporate all the information on one single link. Over time, the knowledge database grows to cover almost everything one would want to know by asking and replying to others. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: March 21-31-2011

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Facebook For BlackBerry 2.0 Beta Gets A Makeover, Adds More Features

For the Facebook enthusiasts, BlackBerry-maker (RIM) has just rolled out the first beta release for the next major version 2.0 of Facebook for BlackBerry, which is bundled with a refreshed user interface and incorporates a host of new features, including deeper Facebook Chat integration… Read More

Google Street View Gets A Massive Facelift

Global search engine leader Google over the weekend announced via micro-blogging site Twitter that it has revamped its panoramic Street View website, a nifty little place on the Web that allows viewers to take a peek at what is going on in the world through 360-degree street-level imagery… Read More

Facebook Snaffles Mobile Start-Up “Snaptu” To Expand Into Mobile Arena

World’s most popular social media network Facebook, with more than 500 million members, on Monday made yet another dive into mobile platform seeking to deepen its penetration in the emerging 5 billion-plus global mobile phone market with the acquisition of the UK/Israeli company… Read More

Google Latitude Activates Check-Ins On The iPhone App

Barely two months after extending Latitude check-ins for Android devices, search engine giant Google has now launched an updated version of Latitude for iOS that complements support for check-ins feature to the iPhone on Monday… Read More

Zynga Lures Obsessed Online Social Gamers With New RewardVille

For gamers who are engrossed with smash hit games like FarmVille and CityVille, hold your breath as the online social gaming phenomenon has reached a new level. Zynga, the company that created those addictive online game, is introducing the gaming world to yet another obsessive series of games to keep on playing called “RewardVille”… Read More

US Judge Pronounces Unhappy Ending For Google’s Deal To Digitize Books

In an unfortunate blow to Google’s controversial plans to create the world’s biggest digital library, a bookstore and expand its Internet dominance, has run into the reality of a 300-year-old legal predicament: copyright, which has now been shelved by a federal judge in New York on… Read More

Facebook Attaches Check-Ins To Events

Internet’s popular social media network Facebook is reportedly stitching another layer to its location-based features by adding check-ins… Read More

Microsoft’s Bing Mobile Browsing Receives Updates On iOS And Android

Software producer Microsoft on Wednesday introduced some nifty features to its mobile browsing for image search, real-time transit and directions, and thanks to enhanced HTML5 support and some other refinements… Read More

Yahoo Unfurls Search Direct For Instant Results

Struggling internet pioneer Yahoo, which has relinquished its search engine to Microsoft two years ago as part of a major overhaul of its business, on Wednesday began a US rollout of a feature called… Read More

Facebook Boots Out 20,000 Underage User Accounts Every Day

It is shocking to learn that, according to a study conducted by the Pew, nearly half of all 12 year olds in the U.S. are using social networking sites. But, Facebook’s privacy policy, which describes that users must… Read More

Google AdWords Unveils More Location Targeting Improvements

In a crowded world, many businesses that only offer a service or product in a localize area, it can be a very good idea to use location-targeting in AdWords. The search engine giant Google has just announced some… Read More

Facebook Tweaks Its Questions Service

With competition reaching a flash-point in the Q&A space from Quora and LinkedIn Answers, social media site Facebook on Thursday said that it has refurbished its Questions service and transformed it into a succinct, sleek, poll-taking machine, making brevity the soul of wisdom… Read More

Bing Expands Twitter, Facebook Integration To Its News Page

Software monopolist Microsoft’s Bing has just expanded its social search capabilities, displaying real-time Twitter messages on Bing’s News pages, empowering its readers the ability to quickly scan the latest buzz about the biggest events, and simplifying the sharing of Bing… Read More

Google Chases Big Media Ad Dollars For AdWords With New Video Player

Adding some innovative Video Marketing thrust to capture more advertising dollars, search engine behemoth Google on Friday launched a new video player option for AdWords, dubbed “Media Ads,” leveraging Google’s new Lightbox video player… Read More

Facebook Experiments With Real-Time Instant Advertisements

Advertising agencies already have an abundant of criterion they can apply to target their ads to relevant consumers on social media sites, yet the social networking phenomenon Facebook is experimenting with a new… Read More

Google Rolls Out “Think Quarterly” — A Resourceful Online Magazine

Speed-maniac Google has just unveiled its own full-length impressively designed 68-page collection of interviews and articles magazine in the UK, called Think Quarterly, as an extension of the communications for Google U.K. advertisers and partners and online to everybody else… Read More

Warner Bros. Adds Harry Potter, Inception And More Movies To Facebook Offering

Warner Bros., the major US film producer that earlier this month introduced a video renting service straight from a movie’s Facebook fanpage, which obviously turned out to be very promising enough to prompt the movie mogul to expand its trial of offering with digital movie… Read More

Google Preps Mobile Payment Technology — Teams Up With MasterCard And Citigroup

Making payments for your shopping binges with your mobile phone is one of the great dreams of technophiles, which may have just got hassle-free, with search engine titan Google apparently teaming up with Citigroup and Mastercard to set up a mobile payment system that will turn… Read More

MTV To Broadcast “Diary Of Facebook” Wednesday

Unlike many other Facebook TV specials, which has mainly focused on some aspect of Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg’s meteoric rise to world domination — Now, MTV is giving viewers a front row seat as they enter the social media empire Facebook, with “Diary of Facebook,”… Read More

Google Appoints Java Guru “James Gosling” Amid Lawsuit With Oracle

Score one for search engine leader in the Silicon Valley recruiting wars: Google Inc., which is squaring off in court over how Oracle’s technology is used in Android, has hired James Gosling, the notable father of the Java programming language at Sun Microsystems, has announced that he will be taking up a new, undisclosed position at Google… Read More

Google Talk Guru Answers Simples Question Via Chat And Mobile In Realtime

Striving to keep its Labs application alive in the minds of its audience, search engine behemoth Google has quietly integrated an experimental Q&A service into Gmail chatbot, dubbed as “Talk Guru,” a service that enables you to obtain basic information such as the weather and sport scores by sending queries via instant message… Read More

Microsoft Expands “Active View” For LinkedIn, Netflix, Posterous And LivingSocial

Even though Hotmail faring turbulently for holding its ground as an e-mail client to the likes of growing Gmail and ring leader Yahoo, the software monopolist Microsoft product has recently been striving to reinvent its email by placing some formidable new features dubbed as… Read More

Google Makes Privacy Settlement With FTC Over Buzz Violations

In an attempt to avoid lengthy legal procedure, search engine giant Google on Wednesday agreed to a historic settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over charges that its Google Buzz social-networking service employed “deceptive tactics” and violated user privacy… Read More

Gmail To Showcase Better Ads That Learn From Your Inbox

Google is in the process of showcasing a new ad system for Gmail that it dubbed as “better ads” for its users, which will guess what you are interested in, based on the emails you have read & sent in the past… Read More