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Questions and answer based interaction via videos

In their quest to generate a large target audience base, full-fledged and competent platforms question and answer format based online platforms are coming up in niche segments. What they essentially try to do is acting as a cache for the research that people conduct on the Web. The platforms try to incorporate all the information on one single link. Over time, the knowledge database grows to cover almost everything one would want to know by asking and replying to others.

One of such search-based entities drawing the attention of online world is VYou. The service requires its users to host their questions as well as replies in short video clips.

  • Interestingly, VYou lets members broadcast video that are structured as interactive conversations, providing them with a very personal form of social, knowledge based engagement on the Internet.
  • The platform functions something like this: A user will record his or her responses video format to messages that have been entered by followers, fans or friends. VYou will organize all their messages and the user videos into interactive and logical conversations, making it a continual experience. It will be live though the content is stored in its system.
  • VYou allows users to get specific advice from domain experts, interact with the celebrity or organization of their choice, or communicate with their friends, family and colleagues by making use of a social presence, which will persist even when that person is away. As a simple app, it can well be embedded/ posted anywhere online giving a user creative control and power to make himself of herself heard on the Web.
  • Some of the VYou topics that are up for discussion include entertainment, relationship advice, health & beauty, fitness, style & fashion, business & education, leadership, finance, law, science & technology, professional sports, art and culture, and hobbies.

Some of the VYou channels hosted for the benefit of users are as follows:

  1. ADDICTION: The Fix serves  fast expanding recovery community of the US. In this channel, users talk to experts: past and cured addicts as well as professionals .
  2. Simon & Schuster: Ask questions to Simon & Schuster authors and the books authors like reading?
  3. MEDIA: The sites for news, opinions and information about print and online media.
  4. SoulPancake: It’s a place to deal with the questions and ideas that make one feel alive plus a chance to peep into the SoulPancake team’s mind.
  5. Crushable: It combines celebrity style, news and other content for entertainment lovers.
  6. One Management: It combines fashion, music, celebrity and film life.
  7. Capture Your Flag: It gives the perspectives and ideas of up & coming talent.
  8. HowAboutWe; It’s a site about dates – inventing and scrolling through dates, plus a chance for asking people out…
  9. The Daily Beast: It gives a fresh angle on the global news with sharp opinion. Its team responds to user messages.
  10. Hollywood Life: This is a channel for celebrity news and gossip.