Yearly Archives: 2011

Companies focus on smartphone and tablet users

One noteworthy aspect of the emerging digital holiday shopping landscape is the evolution of wireless media from shopping and sharing (product details) point of view. This has resulted in an increasing thrust on specific social strategies, especially to capture the attention of Internet-enabled smartphone and tablet users on the move. Continue reading

Carving a new ‘path’ in sharing personal memories and moments

A photo mobile social start-up, Path, was launched with great promise and much fanfare late last year. Its founder, Dave Morin, was among the early Facebook employees who had played a part in developing Facebook Connect. Everyone had assumed Mr. Morin, who previously worked at Apple, well understood the next big phenomenon or the obvious logical thing in mobile and social realm. Continue reading

How does Google deal with ‘official’ content removal requests?

Google has complied with roughly two-thirds of the total requests to remove ‘undesired’ content that were made by the government authorities worldwide. Most technology and communications platforms get such requests from across the world to take out content from their services and also hand over user data. The relevant data tool of Google reveals the nature and number of requests it receives from different governments in a six-month reporting period. Continue reading

What makes the 2011 Golden Tweet Award winner stand out?

Every year, Twitter announces the Golden Tweet Award. It is given to a tweet, which has not only been the most retweeted one, but also the one having major impact in terms of a larger social good. This year, the honor has gone to a tweet from Wendy’s that prompted its users to retweet for a cause. Continue reading

Twitter redesign to engage users and draw advertisers too

Allow your brand to take flight on Twitter thanks to an enhanced profile page, proclaims Twitter about its new launch. The popular networking site has just unveiled a fresh  version, which will make it easier to find out what’s new happening now. The redesign includes enhanced ‘brand pages’ for a handful of established brands, some of which have already resorted to Facebook for drawing potential customers. Twitter has now joined the race vigorously to capture their imagination. Continue reading

Analyzing the kind of topics widely circulated in social realm

Researchers at one of the world’s most popular networking site, Facebook, have done a detailed study on links of the largest circulated stories. A majority of them are related to issues regarding family or parenting. Other favorites include postings on videos, which had become hits on the Web after going viral. Changes made to Facebook itself was another commonly shared subject, and the weather, to a extent. Continue reading

Checklist of less important SEO factors

Mostly, SEO experts discuss important factors employed by top search engines for ranking. But not many of them talk of the non-ranking factors. In this post, we shall look at some of the aspects that can be tackled on the least priority basis simply based on an assumption that they do not give tangible benefits compared to the efforts and energy spent on them to boost your site’s search engine ranking. It’s not to say that these are areas to be ignored totally, but they should not take up unncesessary time and attention of yours. Continue reading