Monthly Archives: January 2012

Search is on for the next super social craze

“I would estimate that just about 30 percent of social games in the fray whose developers are spending on advertising are actually hitting a positive ROI (return on investment)…”  This observation from the CEO of AdParlor, Hussein Fazal sums up the state of the social game industry. A consultant on Facebook ad campaigns, the expert underlines how things are not that rosy for social gaming industry. Continue reading

Is social gaming no more a game changer idea?

About two years after ‘FarmVille’ from Zynga, the San Francisco-based startup, drew millions and millions of Facebook users to plant fascinating fields of dazzling digital crops, social gaming seemed to have bloomed into an enticing multi-billion dollar activity. But now experts are wondering if the gamer fatigue is gradually setting in, thus putting question marks over its growth prospects as marketing costs are shooting up. Continue reading

Ideas to use timeline features for professional gains

As has already been reported, Facebook is gradually taking the Timeline to all its users. The new enhanced Timeline profile format also makes the popular social networking channel much more job-search friendly. It’s a resume, after all, when you pause and carefully look at it. From the cover image right at the top to the subsequent chronological organization, your Facebook profile effectively is a professional image booster, making it extremely relevant from your career point of view. So what does this really mean for prospective job seekers? Let us try to find out! Continue reading

Pros and cons of the ‘Search plus Your World’ service

Google’s new weapon in its tussle with Facebook for dominance of the Web has drawn circumspect reactions. It’s step to include more of users’ personal information in their search results has wider connotations, experts point out. There are valid reasons to believe so. We give you a quick grasp its background and ramifications: Continue reading

Google makes search more social and more personal.

For Google, the bet lies on ‘personal’ aspect of search. The company now claims to explore your very own world, and the roll out the customized results. It will throw up only those results from billions of Web pages that are highly relevant to a specific user based on the material you and your Web-based connections share. Continue reading

A check on manipulative link spam and other SEO trends

Google’s has already began adding Google+ brand pages in results, to leverage Google profiles for ‘rel=author’ tags. Google+ circles and +1s have been made visible in SERPs. This pattern, it’s felt, would become a concerted attempt on part of the search engine giant to link up promotional efforts in organic (search) results with the former’s login/verification system. In other words, it will become tougher to ensure SEO success sans using Google+ Continue reading

Who owns an ‘official’ social account – the company or employees?

How much indeed is an innocuous tweet worth it? How much exactly does a follower on Twitter cost? The value of those isolated individual updates on the popular social network appear to be rather negligible in context of base economic terms; after all, a quick take on it is nothing but a few bits of harmless data sent via the Internet? Well, that’s not always the case! Continue reading

Google’s foray in travel upsets industry players

Once content with merely delivering most comprehensive answers to search queries from users, the 13-year-old search giant is increasingly trying to spread its dominance across an array of domains and markets, offering online music, local coupons, mobile phones etc. It is not at all surprising that Google’s recent foray into the domain of online travel has shaken the other industry players, another case of the search giant extending its huge market power into diverse aspects of socio-economic life. Continue reading

Facebook Insights to power your site

So you believe you’ve figured out nuances of subtle and some obvious Facebook marketing tactics either through experimenting or via outsourcing (the latter always a better idea!). You have in place your fan page with a few custom tabs on it set up. Now you launch a timely ad campaign and most of your products and services have the ‘like’ button to go with them (to increase revenue). So, this Facebook strategy is a cinch! And if you think so, you are not utterly wrong. Continue reading