Monthly Archives: May 2012

Targeted keywords discovery and your content strategy

The first important step in a marketing campaign’s conceptualization, Search Marketing included, is to assiduously define its target audience – a set of users who you’re going to focus your product/service pitch on – so as to enhance conversions. The process plays a major role in effectively reaching out to both new and existing customers. It traditionally involves ascertaining broad parameters such as geographic locations, age, sex, and especially their aspirations as well as needs (pain points). Continue reading

A new intelligent search model to grasp real-world entities and their connotations

Even as Microsoft  is trying to become ‘more social’ with Bing by opting for integration with all your Facebook friends, you cannot expect Google to remain behind in this quest to ‘socialize’. Its search engine is getting sharper and smarter. The company has just introduced a dynamic new feature known as ‘Knowledge Graph’. Continue reading

Dabbling in personal analytics for customized search

In today’s technology driven and Web-oriented world, all of us are bound to accumulate a vast load of data about ourselves and our lives – including searches, e-mails, quick posts, and other forms of communications – both offline and online.  Can all this information – public and personal – be organized into a database and analyzed to tell us something more meaningful about our own selves? Continue reading

Betting big on sharing of educational videos to attract educators

Educators world over are taking a fresh look at YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing site, long viewed by them more as a repository of videos purely for branding, marketing and entertainment than one disseminating any serious knowledge. To remove the ‘misconception’, its parent company Google has been for quite some time fine-tuning and promoting a portal that will encourage schools to let students access informative visual content. Continue reading

New features from search engine giant for enhanced user experience

Keen to enhance the quality of its page ranking algorithm in an endeavor to provide more quality and informative websites to users cutting across domains and geographies. The search engine giant has been bringing about a series of changes to shore up its page ranking attributes, indexing methods, and a host of other features. We’ve already checked some of the search quality updates initiated by Google in the recent times, including country identification for pages; more domain diversity; local navigational search improvements; more local websites from organizations, and smoother ranking changes for fresh search results, among others. We review other changes that form part of the most recent enhancements: Continue reading

A quick recap of Google search quality updates

Describing it a zerg rush of launches that it had, Google has just listed some of the major changes effected by it in the recent times, including  its most recent algorithm improvement so as to help user reach more quality websites. And there is much more that the search engine giant has been up to like changes done in indexing, sitelinks, spelling and sports scores features. Here is a quick look the updated search quality highlights’ list: Continue reading

Video hosting and sharing sites jostle to attract advertisers

Niche content is finding acceptance and appreciation on the long tail of the Internet, especially the user-driven social sites. Google’s popular video-sharing site is going ahead with its plan announced late last year to spend about $100 million. Keen to back up video programming, the company is funding aspiring filmmakers, writers, artists, and proven online hit makers with grants in the range of few hundred thousand to a million dollars and more. Continue reading

Generic search leads to intelligent information discovery

Generic search on basis of trial and error methods has evolved into specific, intelligent domain-driven information discovery, which is now at the core of niche search activity. An array of knowledge-based, enterprise and generic consumer oriented data tools have arrived on the scene, keen to position themselves as valuable tools for computing, processing and analyzing dispersed sets of data at the blink of one’s eyelid. Continue reading

How are brands accounting for their dollars spent on Facebook ads?

For its part, world’s top social site Facebook has made repeated efforts to quell concerns of marketers about its ads’ effectiveness. The company started working with research firms Nielsen and comScore last year to offer tools, which let big businesses track their campaigns on the site. Nielsen, for instance, measures consumers who viewed an ad on Facebook and then compares them with a similar control group of site users who didn’t check the ad. It then would match that up against shopper data to grasp how ad exposure actually affected the sales. Continue reading