6 Tips to Engage Fans on your Brand’s Facebook Page

Is Social Media your bread and butter? Do you think about increasing the number of your client’s fanbase 24/7?  Then you are at the right place.

Today, we will see how to engage your existing fans on fanpage, as this will ultimately lead to word-of-mouth publicity and in turn, give you more number of fans.

What if you are told that a single post can get 701,000 likes and have 896,000 people talking about it? Sounds impossible? But it is not! McDonalds recent ‘Extra Value Menu’ post managed to create this record.

Here are some of the sure ways to engage your fans:

Ask questions that force people to Answer:

Before we begin, have a look at one the Walmart’s post –

Now, have a look at the ‘Likes’ and the ‘Comments’. The question asked here is simple, but smart. It was not asked on any other day, but when Father’s Day was nearing. Posting a right open-ended question on the right occasion will not just give you answers, but tons of comments with likes.

Be the first one to ‘Break the News’

Let us have a look at the ‘Breaking News’ image first?

Whoa!! Now this is a ‘BREAKING NEWS’ for The Twilight Saga fans. See the ‘comments’, ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on the post?

Even if you do not have news related to your company, you can always go for industry-related news. In Fashion industry? Be the first one to wish the most stylish celeb on her/his birthday. Or update fans about the big brands launching a new line of handbags or clothing.

‘Puzzle’ them

It is important to puzzle your fans to engage them. Post startling facts, illusions or ask tricky questions. Do anything that you think interests your target audience. Here’s an example from eBay’s fan page:

If you read the post in the above image, you will see that this post has not just gained a huge number of ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and the number of ‘SHARES’, but have also intelligently drived a large number of traffic to the website.

Contests and Give-Aways

Contests and Give-Aways – A sure shot interactive way to increase the number of fans. With a small amount of investment in prizes, you can aim for the sky. Here is an example of ‘before’ and ‘after’ the contest (on a brand’s fanpage) that saw tremendous hike in the number of fanbase with increased engagement on the page:

A brand called Simply Sizzlin started a contest that asked fans to suggest the fan page to their friends. And the fan with a maximum number of mutual fans with the Simply Sizzlin fan page wins the contest. It was run for 3 days. Within 3 days, this fan page gained 700 fans organically.

An example of Contests and Give-Aways with an ‘IMAGE’ – Another way to shoot the number of ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’ and ‘Shares’ – Keep reading…

Images Speak

As you see in the above image, a post with an image work wonders in engaging the fans and starting the interaction. According to an Infographic on Mashable, a photo gets the most ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ compared to the texts, link and video posts. Here’s an excerpt of the same:







Do not Sell… Let them Buy!

The moment your fans know you are trying to sell something, they will be gone – just like that! Selling is the only motive behind every activity – may it be advertising or social networking. But, it should be subtle. Here’s one of the most subtle example of ‘generating sales’ without asking people to ‘buy’:

These innovative cupcakes were posted by Walmart on their fanpage without asking people to spend a single penny i.e., to buy these cupcakes. But fans were so tempted that they wanted to buy these cupcakes as soon as possible. A fan from Australia even requested Walmart to come to Oz. A smart move by Walmart, isn’t it? So, Sell Subtly.

If you are looking for smart ways to improve interaction with fans and create the most engaging posts, then you can also get in touch with our social media experts.