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6 Tips to Lower your BOUNCE RATE

Bounce rate has always been an unresolved mystery. Is it good for your website traffic or will it affect the ranking negatively? Well, let us say that everything that is ‘too much’ is never good, so to know how to lower the bounce rate, read on…

Why is Bounce Rate negative?

Bounce Rate indicates that your website has been ranked for a keyword that is not useful to visitors. Google will either push your website down or take it out of the search result listings.

But is this really negative?

As bounce rate is often said to be not giving you the right traffic, cutting down of this traffic does not negatively affect your sales.

How to lower Bounce Rate? How to get people really interested in your website?

Tip 1: Have a Faster Loading Webpage

Slow loading of the page is said to be one of the major reasons that cause people to hit ‘back’ button. In this case, there are high chances of losing the right audience. People visit websites for quick purchase or quick information. If the results are not quick, they prefer someone who is quicker than you. So, if you have to sustain in this virtual world make sure the loading of the website does not take much time of your visitors.

Tip 2: Have a Clutter Free Website

Advertisements, surveys and polls are very important for a website. Where one pays for survival, the other one helps to survive by providing the required information. But these sources though important can sometimes do you no good. These pop-ups are known to be the interruptions and are often mistaken as spams. The reliability of the website can be questioned making the users leave the website at once. It is recommended that you give utmost importance to the content relevant to your target audience, so they keep coming back.

Tip 3: Give Priority to ‘Content’

As told above, your website should have content that is relevant to the audience you are targetting. Let us suppose, your website is selling baby products and the landing page or other linked pages talk about everything but baby products; or the visitors are not directed to the page where baby products are actually featured for sale, then the visitors will, in an instant, hit the ‘back’ button and crawl through other search results. So, good content is mandatory to reduce the bounce rate.

Not just having the relevant content is necessary, but positioning it properly – in a way that helps visitors know you provide them what they are looking for is also crucial.

Tip 4: Check and Recheck your Keywords

Getting ranked for a wrong keyword can be another major reason for bounce rate. It is better to check for which keyword your website is getting ranked. Also, check your back-links, anchor texts and other sources that are bringing traffic to your website. If improper keywords are used here, then you can use relevant keywords and get quality traffic.

Tip 5: Have a ‘Search Box’ on your Website

It is recommended to have a search box on your website. So, even if the first page does not give your visitors exactly what they want, then they can search your website. The keyword might have linked to the wrong page, but you may still be having exactly what the visitor is looking for.

Tip 6: Define the Next Action

And last but not the least, tell your visitors what has to be done next. This can be done by having a ‘BUY’ button on your website (if you are into sales) or just by adding few lines in your content to comment on your write-up or to call you in case they have any query. This is basically to tell the visitor that you exist and can be contacted when needed. Websites are, otherwise, not seen as relevant sources. But ‘call to action’ can make you a relevant as well as a trustworthy source. This can also help you turn your bounce rate into sales.

Bounce Rate upto 40% to 50% is said to be normal, but you need to look into it if the limit exceeds this percentage. The ways given above, if implemented properly, will definitely reduce your bounce rate.

Do you have any other suggestions to reduce the bounce rate? Please feel free to share it by commenting below!