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Acquisitions of past two months

Yes, it’s been a very long time since we have posted anything. For the past two months there has been lots of acquisitions especially by Google. Let’s take a brief overview of these acquisitions:


Double Click: Google acquires Double Click for $3.1 billion dollars. Perhaps the most controversial take over of the year. Federal Trade commission have opened an investigation into this deal. The deal also meant that Google gained Performics – an internet marketing firm. Double Click acquired Performics in 2004.

Marratech: Marractech is a video conferencing software. This software will enable to do video conferencing on internet. Not much information was shared about this deal. The official Google blog had posted about the acquisition here

Feedburner: Google acquired Feedburner for $100 million dollars. Feedburner is a feed management provider helping users to manage their feeds. Their management tools helps to optimize feeds and includes traffic analysis tools.

GreenBorder: GreenBorder is an internet security company helping to fight viruses, trojans and spywares. This acquisition may mean that Google in future warn it’s users about the possible harmful sites in it’s search results. In Google’s words they want to improve their “Overall user experience”.

Panoramio: Panoramio is a photo sharing website. Google acquisition of Panoramio would help them integrate their application in Google Earth.


aQuantive: Microsoft acquired aQuantive for $6 billion dollars. aQuantive is a parent company of Atlas and Avenue A|Razorfish. Microsoft justifies this deal to gain more online advertising revenues.

There was also rumors of Microsft taking over Yahoo! and 24/7. After acquiring aQuantive Microsoft was more than happy with the deal and those rumors was laid to rest. 24/7 was later acquired by WPP.