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An expert aligns your campaign to broader business goals

The resource you choose for executing the key task should be able to make sure a PPC ad campaign not only offers high visibility, but also provides result oriented and desired exposure to your target audience. The idea is to see to it that your campaign is tuned to broader business goals – both in the short term and the long term.

In the previous post, we have checked certain attributes of a competent PPC campaign management resource. Let us follow a few more of the qualities that make for a competent PPC campaign manager:

  • Each business site is obviously unique! Keeping this in mind, the PPC campaign manager should ideally offer a customized plan, taking into account specific requirements of a business and its domain.
  • Managing an E-Commerce PPC campaign demands dynamic and meticulous approach. Your immediate competitors may well have access to greater actionable data that needs constant review and analysis for spotting untapped opportunities in the fast-evolving and challenging marketplace.
  • The competition is that much more intense in E-Commerce, leaving little margin for error. So the person in charge should always be on the toes to guard against complacency. Your PPC manager is expected to be aware of the latest trends and developments taking place in the paid search market. The expert should initiate steps to run your account in order to gain from the changes and new types of advertising options being offered.
  • A professional PPC manager will ask you questions about your products, your competition, and your customers to best craft a PPC account that can be profitable. This may involve geotargeting with specific campaigns for different locations, or setting ads to only show during the business week, or on Pacific U.S. Time, for example.
  • Your PPC account should be as unique as your business. Your PPC manager should react quickly to seasonal changes in your market, and create fresh ad copy to take advantage of especially strong buying seasons. He or she should also be on top of your marketing calendar, crafting ads to highlight sales and promotions. The more custom tailored your PPC account is for your market, the more effectively it will perform.
  • Budget allocation and money management is another important area of consideration for any PPC manager. If the person keeps devising a new set of campaigns time and again wherein each one is incurring hefty expenses every day, or where each ad group will carry the same maximum ‘cost per click’, then you should crosscheck the criteria for doing so.
  • Idea should be to set specific or precise budgets for each ad campaign as well as specific maximum costs on the ad group as well as keyword cluster, and then optimizing these particular settings to ensure the profitability of your PPC account.