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Aspects critical to maximize the display advertising returns

For most online publishers – right from bloggers to website owners – generating advertising revenue is important to sustain their business activity. When publishers manage to maximize their online returns, everyone gains from more dynamic online content and sites. However, the pace of change in the challenging domain can be intimidating, at times.

So how can a publisher keep up with the latest developments in their industry? The world’s leading search engine strives to develop the new technology to make display advertising produce better results.  The aim is to increase the efficiency. The three major display ad products from Google for publishers are as follows:

  1. AdSense: It places the most relevant, valuable ads on partners’ sites, without the publishers needing to sell the ad space on their own.
  2. DoubleClick for Publishers: This ad serving platform tries to maximize the ad space value publishers have sold on their own, directly.
  3. DoubleClick Ad Exchange: It’s a real-time marketplace for auctions that again looks to maximize overall returns of large publishers. The Ad Exchange makes this possible through ‘dynamic allocation’ of the highest value ad – directly or indirectly sold through an ad network.

Two of the most vital aspects that can help publishers make handsome online ad revenues are listed below.

Cost-effective management of display ads cycle

For a majority of large publishers, the vast portion of their ad revenues comes from directly sold ads (those sold by their in house sales force). However, selling and managing the ads cycle has become challenging and expensive as it involves tedious processes. It is not easy for online publishers to manage the logistics of display advertising.

The administrative costs are often quite high.  From this perspective, things such as new standards or parameters for video ad serving and systems that smoothly connect both buyers and sellers can help publishers support the most creative and engaging ads across their websites.

Imagine if smaller publishers with the most basic website—possessed tools to enable advertisers click a button on their website for uploading an ad, let them also pay for it, and deliver it – through the publishers’ ad server – in a matter of  minutes. Such ‘immediate ads’ are within realms of possibility thanks to ad serving technology that continues to simplify the whole process of buying/selling ad space.

Simplicity of revenue management

Another important aspect is total revenue management. AdSense picks the most valuable ad from several ad networks, to optimize ad revenues for publishers every time a page loads. Innovative ad serving & dynamic allocation” technology can well make it possible to maximize ad revenues across ad space – directly as well as indirectly sold. This can boost publishers’ revenues.

Over time a smarter ad server can automatically follow where and when a particular ad will deliver the best possible response, and deliver improved results for publishers. It can even adjust delivery – for instance, if traffic falls at weekend, the ad server can speed up automatically during the weekdays to keep the cycle moving smoothly.