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Connect and engage with your prospects with a capable Q&A platform

A Q&A section is an excellent way to connect and engage with your prospects by arousing their curiosity, prompting them to ask questions, and answering the same. They become a part of the process and start associating with the platform. If you are able to establish the resource as a credible authority that comes to be respected by the industry people, it won’t take too long for quality links to follow, and enhance the conversions.

In a series of articles as part of our series, we have covered various facets, features and benefits of Question and Answer sites thus far. We can draw following broad conclusions:

  • The format serves as a perfect tool to build a community of users, keen to share knowledge and expertise either by asking questions or by offering the most relevant solutions.
  • The dynamic user generated content can give incredible results for a site owner in terms of a constantly updated reservoir of broad based, domain-specific content.  This is really great as the content gets created sans little effort on part of the site owner.
  • Of course, it doesn’t mean that things will fall in place on their own. You have to provide initiation, motivation and encouragement to people to visit your platform. Apart from moderating the site through the webmaster, you need to keep it focused.
  • Some sites build in incentives to make participants think hard about their responses to a question. This can be done through a points system. People receive points for giving the most appropriate answer. The best answer is rated by the community. Certain privileges and prizes can be given after bagging a certain amount of points. It is necessary to review each account to make sure there hasn’t been any manipulation involved.
  • An elite or and premier account can be considered for a certain membership charges.  On basis of the user’s participation and status, you may provide credit. Free members who garner the required number of points can be allowed to access the section.
  • Last but not least, the answers must be informative and insightful so that users keep checking in to find out what you are commenting on similar such topics once they are ascertained of your authority and expertise.

Chances are high that when a user clicks on the answer page, he or she will also check the affiliate banner. It is difficult to ignore the links within the content. Quora result in Google give an idea of a blackjack strategy page. You can employ this technique for link building efforts as well as traffic generation. Detailed answers with links can ensure online visibility. If the traffic is specifically targeted to your niche, those users could well become customers. Link from a Q&A site are mostly counted in the backlinks calculation and help you make your backlinks profile more diverse. The crux of the matter is that targeted traffic invariably leads to better conversion.

A well-thought and properly implemented Q&A section will bring immense value, without an iota of doubt. The techniques and ideas shared in the series of articles will hopefully help you improve your site’s optimization in a competitive niche and stay ahead of your competitors.