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Connect and engage with your prospects with a capable Q&A platform

A Q&A section is an excellent way to connect and engage with your prospects by arousing their curiosity, prompting them to ask questions, and answering the same. They become a part of the process and start associating with the platform. If you are able to establish the resource as a credible authority that comes to be respected by the industry people, it won’t take too long for quality links to follow, and enhance the conversions. Continue reading

A search based start-up that focuses on filling knowledge gap

In the online realm and the vast World Wide Web, the ‘search’ is invariably on for that next big thing. Quora is one website, which is probably drawing the maximum attention. It allows people to find as well as follow the specific activity of their virtual friends, as on Twitter. It projects itself as ‘a continually enhanced compilation of questions-and-answers that is created, edited, and self-organized by those using it. Each question page is tried to be developed as a comprehensive resource for the topic raised by that question. Continue reading