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Dos and Don’ts of Blogging for Small Businesses

Today, almost every small business owns a blog. Having a blog is completely different than maintaining it. Does just updating it daily really helps? It hardly helps. You need people to keep coming back to your blog to know you are updating it daily. So, here are some Do’s and Don’ts of blogging:

Dos of Blogging:

  1. Promote every blog on social media: It is wise to have social media accounts for your business as it is the cheapest mode of promotion. Then with the help of the same platform, you can promote each and every blogpost of yours. Update the blogpost with a catchy title on facebook, twitter as well as linkedin. This will help you get traffic.
  2. Interact with your readers: Interact with each and every reader. If someone comments, reply to him/her. When the size of your business is small, you can connect to your audience in a better way and build loyal and life-long customers. To improve the engagement, you can also ask your readers to send you the blogposts that are related to your business and update your blog with one of the reader’s blogpost, atleast once a month.
  3. Make your blogposts social-media friendly: Add social media icons below every blogpost. Readers/Visitors should be able to easily share the posts they like. This will help your content go viral.
  4. Have easy accessibility to ‘Subscription: The world of internet is widely spread. There are so many lovely things to explore that even if people find you interesting and informative, the next moment they will find someone else interesting and informative. So, the moment a person feels you are interesting, they should be subscribing to your blog, so that they don’t forget you. Once they subscribe to your blog, they will automatically be updated about your new post via email without you having to do anything.

Don’ts of Blogging:

  1. Do not harass readers with advertising: Readers hate those pop-ups they get while reading an interesting article, or a blog filled with too many flashy ads where they have to search for relevant information. It is recommended to have user friendly blog. Remember: Think from a reader’s perspective, and not your own.
  2. Do not have a scattered blog: The content on your blog should be properly arranged, and not scattered. It is advisable to categorize your blogposts. You can also have a ‘Search’ bar on your blog. This will make it easier for the reader to find your old blogs, or search for other posts.
  3. Don’t sound boring: Many people get confuse between a professional and a boring blog. Being a business blog, it should be professional. But still, a blog gives you a liberty to be lively, give you personal opinions and share your experiences. So, use every liberty it gives to you. And you won’t ever sound boring. The entreprenuers can write once in a month, on the blog and share their experiences, or their interaction with their customers. This will generate interest   for your blog in readers, developing a factor of trust in them.
  4. Don’t just focus on the stats: Many companies unnecessarily spend money on bringing traffic to the blog. Instead, concentrate on quality content. That is the only way that would get you more, as well as quality traffic. Remember: Stats are just for your reference. No sales depend on them.

Keep these 8 ‘Dos and Don’ts of Blogging’ in mind and attract quality traffic to your blog. If you have any extra points to share with us, please feel free to add them in the ‘Comments’ section below.