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Facebook cover photo ideas for small businesses

After a bunch of cover photo guidelines for fan pages from facebook, the question arises – How to utilize this space for promotion? The only answer is ‘BE CREATIVE’. But there are some basic things you can follow. Here are some ideas for your page’s cover photo:

Let every visitor know what you look like

This is very much applicable to the hotel industry. People want to know where are they heading for the weekend party. If they are not sure whether your set up is what they are looking for, you may unnecessarily miss out customers. A cover photo that features the interior of your restaurant will give your customer a clear idea of what/who you are – cozy and comfortable or rock and hip.

Similarly, other industries like spas and parlors can feature interiors on their cover photo.

Show off the excellence of your product
Cover photos are the best way to show what your product can do. Focus on the excellence and capability of your product.  For e.g., Cutco Cutlery. Their cover photo, even though involves many elements other than the product, sees to it that their product dominates the picture.

Tell them who you are and what you do
Telling people what you do and what your business is all about is something every small business should do. And cover photo, being the dominating part of your timeline, does an exceptional job. For e.g., Tampa Rejuvenation

Their cover photo includes all the services they offer. Visitors will not have to click on ‘About Us’ or visit their website for any information, unless and until they are interested. The catch is – the target audience will definitely visit the website, for more information.

Pass on the message subtly
Given the terms and conditions of facebook’s cover photos, one cannot promote the company/product/services in the given space. But… but… but… You can always pass on the message that would indirectly promote your company or your services. Try to put the USP of your services in the cover photo. For e.g., Pumped Pest Control

As you see in the above picture, the company has very well put their USP in the picture itself. ‘No contract, No start up fee’ is something customers look forward to. Hence, this is one of the smart ways to promote your company and attract more customers.

Sync you cover photo with your profile picture
Many brands sync their cover photo with profile picture. Instead of coming up with two different pictures where one (the cover photo) gets cut out, you can make it a one complete picture. This again gives you a chance to be more creative and stand out from the crowd.

If you have any more interesting, creative or unique cover photo ideas that can promote a businesswithout directly promoting it, do share them with us in the comments section below.