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Facebook on May 29, 2013 announced the release of new feature called Facebook Verified Accounts & Fanpages. For many, this is absolute copying from Twitter for some it is (Y) (Y) feature. It is launched worldwide with most of the Famous Personalities and Brands getting their Fanpage verified.

Verified Facebook Accounts & Fanpages have Blue check mark right next to their Name which resembles to Twitter Verified Profiles check mark. This check mark appears in the Timeline, Search Results, Newsfeed and other sections on Facebook. If you hover over the badge you will find the text “Verified Page”.

The objective behind this feature is to make sure that the authentic user profiles come up in Search Results everywhere on and off Facebook. Impersonators BEWARE! You are going to be extinct on Facebook soon.

As of now, verified Fanpages belong to small group of popular and prominent public figures from the fields of Cinema, Journalism, Government officials, Popular brands and Businesses with large audience. This update will be soon rolling out to Personal profiles as well.

As of now, Facebook is proactively verifying the authenticity of Fanpages and accounts from the above mentioned domains. Also, keep in mind that not all authentic Profiles and Pages are verified and that one cannot request to have your profile or Page verified. Facebook has clearly stated out that this feature will be available only to Popular Brands and Businesses with large audience.

We will have to wait and find out what does this feature have for less popular Brands and Fanpages with less audience.