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Follow the basics of a PPC campaign

Pay Per Click or PPC is a highly effective marketing tool that can direct users to your website. It can attract visitors to your product and service offerings, acting as effective leads. Both small enterprises and big corporate houses can most definitely enhance their business prospects through this technique that will ultimately result in higher conversion rates. Let us first try to understand the basics before we move on to some finer aspects of Pay per click ads.

To start with, the features listed below will give you a complete overview of a PPC campaign:

  • The initial project stage involves your account setup, conversion code consultation, and initial call setup.
  • This leads to optimization of your campaign that consists of keyword research plus bid management, a thorough competitive analysis, copy testing, conversion tracking as well as campaign tweaking.
  • There are a host of other activities revolving around images ads, landing page consultation, website optimizer (as and when needed) and click fraud support.
  • The role of Google Analytics setup consultation is equally critical.
  • The entire campaign is monitored with regular and advanced reports.

Let us now consider some of the key ingredients that will allow you to capitalize on your PPC campaign:

Background work and research
First and foremost, check your competitions ads. View the marketing strategies they adopt to fine tune your own approach. You can learn a few tricks from those already in the fray. Randomly look for vital pay per click clues on the Web. Observe the ads carefully, and take notes. You can make use of the background work and research to your advantage. You can also think out of the box to create your own innovative idea with help of experts.

Creative ability to customize your ad
Your PPC ad is bound to face intense competition from other marketers and their campaigns out there. So your ad should ideally incorporate subtle word play, text in different colors and a localized tone. It takes a lot of creativity to customize it. Once it demands attention, the chances of conversion are that much higher.

Insert correct keywords and phrases
Use keywords sensibly in your PPC ad. If it lacks targeted keywords, your campaign will hardly be visible online. If no one is able to find your ad on search engine results, it will fail to click. It is pertinent to insert optimum keywords and correct phrases to propel your ad campaign. This will ensure that more people notice your campaign

Think from your customers’ point of view
You ideally want your ad campaign to raise curiosity by raising a query that strikes a chord with your target audiences. Think from their point of view, and focus on their needs instead of plainly narrating what you can offer. If you can convey to them that you are here to take care of their specific problems with precise solutions, you, then there is every chance that they will click on your ad and check what you’ve to offer to them.

In the upcoming posts, we shall look at more such interesting and innovative ideas for successful management of your Pay Per Click or PPC campaign.