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Google finally updates its Privacy Policy

Google updated its Privacy Policy wef. March 1, 2012. Consider this as the most important update, as Google itself has attempted to inform this via its products and services. May it be the traditional Google Search or its new social network Google Plus, the notification was all over Google.

Google has made it easy to read the policy, by removing all legal stuff and confusing jargons. You will find the information consolidated, which creates one universal policy for all services and products, offered by Google.

If you find a confused hump, while reading the new policies, consider visiting this link. It is set up by google, which further simplifies the task. You can have a quick glimpse, of how Google handles your information.

The Google Terms of Service provided on the site are simple, but covers a wide range of topics about the rules to be followed, while using Google’s products. Along with it, Google clarifies what rights the user and Google have to use each others’ content. With this, Google attempts to make things more transparent and less questionable.

The policies fit in three pages, which will not take much of your time.

You make some searches for ‘home decors’ in Google Search. Next time, you surf YouTube, you might find suggested videos about interior designing and related stuffs. Previously, data manipulation in this manner was not a direct option for Google.

That can still be acceptable, but weirdly, Google counts sensitive data information, such as your noting on Google Calendar and presses on reminders if you are logged in with your Google Account. Using sensitive data of users, can be pretty strange, but Google is informing you in advance.

Have you read the policies yet? Do you think this will ease your working, or will it force you to hate Google? Share your thoughts by commenting below.