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Highly advantageous features of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is now considered an integral part of a powerful suite of both advertising and analysis tools comprising AdWords as well as Website Optimizer. It is extremely useful for providing the actionable data for AdWords users especially the one that you can try to enhance your return on investment.

You can increase your ROI by tracking specific cost data for your online campaigns and combining the same with relevant conversion information on each webpage. Importantly, Google Analytics is able to automatically import AdWords cost data so that an AdWords campaign’s effectiveness can well be tracked.

Below are some of its highly advantageous features:

Flexible as well as easy-to-use
It is extremely flexible as well as easy-to-use for checking and analyzing your site traffic data in an innovative and practical way. Thus you are better prepared to produce targeted ads thanks to Google Analytics.

Insights on marketing activities
AdSense, AdWords, Webmaster Tools, Website Optimizer and a host of other resources allow you to draw valuable insights across a wide array of marketing activities.

Higher converting sites
Last but not the least, Google Analytics creates higher converting sites. It can be customized to strengthen your specific marketing initiatives.

Tag AdWords destination URLs automatically
It is possible with hardly any effort on your part to tag the AdWords destination URLs automatically for convenient tracking of keyword/campaign conversion rates!

Try to play around with a few relevant reports – the Analytics interface is conceived and designed to be ‘discoverable’ as well as intuitive. We’ve already gathered vital information to administer your account and to use your reports. The next key step that of installation has also been discussed. As we’ve grasped, after the signup process, the Analytics Overview Page comes into play. It allows you:

  • To edit your account setting
  • To delete/ create profiles
  • To check whether your code has been inserted properly.

For all your vital Google Analytics reports, the Dashboard acts as a facilitator.

You can expand a large graph to select some important data for your site traffic, including visits, total pageviews, pages/visit, average time spent on site, bounce rate and last but not the least, % new visits. What equally matter are Traffic Sources reports.