How can you monetize traffic to your site and increase your revenue?

Google Analytics lets you analyze web traffic through an important metric. I am referring to top exit pages that along with elements like bounce rate as well as time on site, is extremely valuable. It helps you measure the impact of specific changes made to webpages. You can find out whether exit rate has gone up or has come down after effecting the changes.

You can then choose to optimize your pages showing high exit rates in order to keep your site visitors for a longer duration or to prompt them to convert. If the page happens to be a logical exit point, you can probably monetize this outgoing traffic on such high exit pages.

Ideas to monetize an exit page

Google AdSense, as you may well know, is integrated with Google Analytics, similarly to AdWords and Analytics. You can thus optimize AdSense campaigns making use of data available in Google Analytics. Consider this real-life example, in case you opt to monetize an exit page:

An online platform,, offers documents as well as templates for both individuals and businesses, on its site. These are across a wide range of offerings, such as business forms, certificates, bookmarks etc – almost every type of document that one would like to print. With similar sites individually targeting different niche areas in printing, Savetz was searching for a way of optimizing their ad placement sans any adverse impact on their existing core users.

As a practical solution, they chose to ‘locate the pages having the highest exit rates and then put AdSense on them. The owner of Savetz Publishing and FreePrintable, Kevin Savetz, has been using Analytics for several years now and hence has a fair idea of where the bounce/ exit rates would be at their peak. He employed Google Analytics just to confirm his theory.

After placing AdSense ads on certain pages, he quickly grasped that this advertising had little adverse impact on core users as well as on conversions. Instead, they served as the perfect means of monetizing online traffic, which apparently would ‘already be leaving’.

Increase your revenue without tweaking existing business model

The above strategy underlines how websites can make use of AdSense to monetize traffic already exiting it. AdSense can be of great help to websites like these when it comes to increasing overall revenue without tweaking their existing business model.  AdSense lets site owners to increase their revenue and business margins after targeting exit pages.

A Google Analytics user obviously understands how visitors tend to interact with their website. On basis of this insight and the controls in AdSense, they can structure their AdSense ads to appeal to advertisers keen to put their ads on the site. In turn, the site owners can earn additional revenue by putting up more relevant and quality ads.