How to access top social sites in one go?

A wide array of faster and reliable tools is now available to help owners to draw the most out of popular social networks for brands., for example, auto-schedules all your tweets and fine tunes the process to help you better engage with your followers even as they grow in number. On the other hand, Roost allows small business owners to generate a single post and dispatch it simultaneously to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The idea of utilizing them is to leverage the power of networking platforms with minimal time and energy. I firmly believe that effective usage of social media channels is more about creating authentic and engaging experiences with the most relevant user base than just shooting in the dark. Obviously, there are no easy shortcuts to connect with your audience. In the previous post, we have learnt in brief about the above-mentioned tools. There is another tool to schedule multiple tweets conveniently.

The Crowdbooster scheduler will advance to the next best possible time by default. It has tried to make Facebook time recommendations that much more precise. It recommends time slots in 1-hour blocks (or one 3-hour block) based on the quantum of data to be analyzed. A ‘new post’ button right at the top of your Facebook dashboard helps in scheduling the posts easily. It can reveal if your social media marketing strategy is working or not. Giving a further insight on how it works, the site states:

“The tool helps you achieve an effective presence on Twitter and Facebook. We show you analytics that aren’t based on abstract scores but numbers that are connected to your business and your social media strategies: impressions, total reach, engagement, and more. We then give you the tools and recommendations you need to take action and improve each one of these metrics.”

On the other hand, OnlyWire is a free service, which claims to send messages to over 40 social networks in one go, including LinkedIn and Yelp. As a free account, a user can send about 300 posts in a month. If you are willing to pay just $10 a month, you will be allowed to send a larger number of messages about your products, services and other business developments. The tool is used by leading brands like Time Warner, Cisco and GE.

It essentially has positioned itself as a social media engine to provide publishers, SEO Professionals and bloggers with the ability to auto-submit dynamic content to the leading social sites. The tool eliminates the need for logging into each site individually for manual entries of content and regular status updates by automating this tasks for you.
There are many such free social media tools to save your energy and time, If and when you come across them, why don’t share the information with other readers.